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Thread: Disguise Your iPod Touch 4 as a 3rd Gen?

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    Wink Disguise Your iPod Touch 4 as a 3rd Gen?
    So I'm buying an ipod touch 4th gen (cause the 5th doesn't technically exist) and I was wondering if there was some way I could hide the fact that it was a 4th gen. If there was some case to hide the cameras or something that would be great. I also have a lot of experience with hardware and have replaced various parts on ipods and iphones. Can the logic board (motherboard) and all the other components of a 4th gen fit inside the metal casing (back plate) of a 3rd gen?

    And if you have any other ideas to hide the cameras that would be great as well. Thanks.

    I know my question seems...erratic. But please don't question my motives.

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    I'm going to have to go ahead and question your motives here.

    And to answer your question: no, not really. The iPod Touch 4 has its power/ screen lock button on the opposite side and the volume buttons are different.

    You can probably put the Touch 4 in an older case, but it's 17% thinner, so you'll have to stuff it with something to make it fit right - but then you have to worry about the screen lock button being on the other side (if this is depressed your iPod just won't function right).

    If you somehow manage to overcome those obstacles the camera hiding will be easy, just buy a sticker-case from - it will cover the top part of the screen.
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    Ahh, I never thought about the lock button being on the other side of the ipod. Thanks for that. I'll probably put a 3rd gen ipod touch skin on the back to cover the camera and give it some extra volume so it'll somewhat fit in the case. And I'll carve some plastic or gel (w/e substance the case is made of) out of the area where the lock is. And to hide the front camera I'll open the ipod up and add a black piece of paper on top of the camera and put it back together. It's gonna be hassle to do it, but it'll be worth it. I just wish these skins weren't so damn expensive. Do you know of a place which sells them cheaper?

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    Be careful opening the ipt 4th gen. It's a pita to work on.

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