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Thread: iPhone 4 screen replacement confusion

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    Default iPhone 4 screen replacement confusion
    I have watched videos, read tons of crap online, and looked on here but stil cannot figure out exactly what part I need to fix my screen.
    I think the LCD is glued to the digitizer and screen and you have to buy all three to replace it. But why then do places sell just the screen and digitizer?

    I see different kits being sold from $12-100. Some come with all 3 parts together, some come with different tools as a kit. I saw one kit that looked promising for $40'ish but when they showed a screen shot of their screen next to an original screen it wasn't as bright and seemed a tad more yellow. Maybe they aren't using as good of an LCD screen.

    I want to get as close to OEM as I can because we all love the screen for the resolution. That is not something I want to sacrifice.

    I have an AT&T iPhone 4 black. The screen is cracked but LCD is fine. I have already ordered a new back to replace my cracked back. I've used it cracked as it is for at least 2 months now because I was waiting to see the new iPhone but after not being super impressed and having to add a new line to get it I decided to fix mine myself instead of paying $170 at the mall.

    Where can I find a good replacement for a good price without getting crap parts or ripped off by paying too much?

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Yes you need to replace the whole digitizer and LCD pre assembled. I repair about 10-15 iPhone 4's a week. PM me for details on getting a quality replacement screen.

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    You do have to replace the LCD/Digi at the same time. and the glass screen is a part of the digi. However, you do NOT have to buy them as a single unit. You can find the digitizer and LCD as two seperate parts. That's the best way to replace the Digi/LCD on an iphone 4, because if you break it again in the future, you can save money by purchasing only the part that broke rather than a mated assy.

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    Hi all!

    Tornath just one question I have both parts, digi and lcd , My question if I have to join both parts with any kind of glue , or just with the screws is enought...

    Thanks in advance

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    I haven't actually done the repair with the two seperate parts myself. It's usually been one of the other tech's who does that one. But I believe the screws are enough. If you have enough overlap on the LCD where you can hide some adhesive, by all means use a double sided VHB tape. But if the LCD and digi do not have enough blind spot between them, I believe that the screws are more than enough to hold the parts in place. If nothing else, at least place some Doublesided VHB or similar adhesive on the back of the LCD where it meets the Housing to hold it in place.

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    you must buy the parts pre-assembled.. unless you're very handy with this kind of stuff.. you'll be more likely to fudge up than not..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcbzr View Post
    you must buy the parts pre-assembled...
    I agree that it is far easier to buy the bonded unit and simply install it as a single piece. However, it is not true that you must buy the parts Pre-assembled. I've seen around 12-20 out of about 300 Iphone 4 Screen replacements (In the last 2.5 months) in which the customer provided their own parts, or specifically requested and paid for us to order seperate parts instead of the bonded units. It's a little more work, but it is completely possible and in my opinion preferable if you are the type of person who is clumsy enough to break your screen multiple times.

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    Well hopefully it won't break again. It lasted a long time and took alot of abuse until someone broke it (stripper stepped on it).

    So can you guys offer an good places/websites to buy the pre-assembled kit, preferably good quality/price.

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