This isn't quite directly related to the forgive me.

In the house I have a 802.11b router. I think we've had it since 2003 at least. I'm wondering if it's time to upgrade it or not. We have two desktops that are wired to the modem. There are two laptops and my iPod touch that use the router to connect to the Internet.

As I understand it, the 11Mb (54Mb for g/n) data rate only affects transfers within the router. But we've never really used the router to transfer data around. We usually use external hard drives if we need to move large amounts of data around.

One pro is that I can use WPA/WPA2 security. I currently use WEP and I know it's been cracked and isn't secure anymore. The problem is that I have a Nintendo DS and it doesn't recognize WPA.

Something I've always wondered is if the router is bogging down my iPod touch. I just used and here are the results.

Wired desktop: 9.72 Mb/s down, 1.86 Mb/s up, 24 ms
Laptop: 5.49 Mb/s down, 1.84 Mb/s up, 19 ms
iPod touch: 4.89 Mb/s down, 1.69 Mb/s up, 835 ms

Is this about right (the diff. between a wired and wireless connection)? Would upgrading do anything?