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Thread: Home button replacement or whole midframe?

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    Default Home button replacement or whole midframe?
    Hi all,

    My home button is getting worse. It was infrequently working, now it hardly works.

    I've opened it up, cleaned it, lifted the contacts etc, but it still aint happy.

    So after looking around I have 2 choices:

    1> Do a complete strip down and replace only the home button (hairdryer to melt glue etc)

    2> Replace with a new midframe and digitizer that includes the home button

    The easiest option is 2. However, getting a new frame that's original iphone looks hard and expensive.

    Are the non-iphone ones ok?

    I'm confident I can do the button only replacement, but am i just as well to replace the whole thing and therefore have spares sat around?

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    I would just do the home button replacement.
    What would you use the spare parts for?

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    I'd just go ahead and get a new asembly that's got the glass, the home button, and the midframe pre-assembled. I've always had luck with the 20 dollar ones from Amazon.
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    I imagine this thread is about a 3g or 3gs? This idea is not going to save you any sweat. But another reason for very poor to absent home button function is when the metal disk under the Home Button becomes loose (dislodged). So when you go to replace the Home Button flex cable, make sure the metal disk is in its central location on the midframe. If not, then glue it back into the center, and you may discover that the original flex cable push button is actually fine.


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