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Thread: iphone 3Gs ribbon 7 - function?

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    Default iphone 3Gs ribbon 7 - function?

    I have been searching google a lot, but can't seem to find any real answer to what the ribbon 7 is actually for? It seems to connect to some kind of antenna, but is it the GSM antenna ?


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    its not the wifi antenna, so most likely GSM

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    The wifi antenna is ribbon #6, it is on both 3G and 3Gs, but since the #7 is not present on the 3G I was thinking about the compass, but since the flex, goes onto what looks like the GSM antenna I just got a bit confused...

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    Believe it is the gsm connector, to my understanding, 3g as being a older model relied on a pin from the dock connector to the logic board, as the 3gs (refined model) used a flex cable and connector being #7 connector.

    Also I found, when I was having issues with service dropping out and "no service", for a sustained period of time, tried the usual stuff, ie: hard re-boot, restore(both from back up and as new) it didn't change which lead me to believe it to be hardware, so I opened it up.

    After removing screen, logic board, etc. Upon diagnosing I found there is a gold prong that connects from gsm antenna and rests against the metal bezel. Which was not making contact and was partially broken, so ordered new dock assembly, made sure prong was making good contact with bezel and closed it all up. No longer had issues a described earlier.

    Just my findings to help others.

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    To eliminate a few I know:

    Cable 1 LCD display

    Cable 2 Touchscreen sensor and home button

    Cable 3 earpiece speaker and proximity sensor

    Cable 4 dock connector

    Cable 5 headphone/volume/power/vibration

    Cable 6 antennas

    I recently asked another tech what cable 7 was for but can't for the life of me remember what he said. I will ask again in the morning if you still don't find the right answer to this.

    From what I can gather now, and in agreement with the others, it seems to be a GSM antenna contact pad.
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    I thought #7 was for Voice Control? Isn't that why disassembly guides say the 3G is identical other than that cable? Parts wise, not hardware specs wise. Lol

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