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Thread: iPhone 4 Conversion Reviews

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    Default iPhone 4 Conversion Reviews
    Ok guys, these colour/color parts are all over the joint now.

    I've seen a LOT of wholesalers offer them, and quite a few new additions to the Red, Pink and Blue recently...



    ok, so more than Green..

    But, almost every wholesalers parts are slightly coloured different.... I've seen 2 distinctive shades of Yellow, Baby/Pompeii Blue, Pink & Green.

    So. How 'bout posting all your pics with a short and snappy review or marks out of 10?

    give us an idea if this is more than just shade difference, perhaps quality also!

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    Here's an example of one I've seen...

    A very different shade to the usual green out there!

    It's quite nice though!

    I'm gonna buy one to see if there's a difference in quality/fitting.
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    I just a white case from a China reseller that I have never purchased from before. I paid about $85.00 USD for it, so I'm questioning the quality, etc. Expect a post about the quality and installation once I receive it.
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    check out.
    custom your iphone 4! transparent iphone 4 kit,white iphone 4 kit,pink iphone 4 kit
    I do repairs on iphones so i went through quite a few factorys in china and went through alot of different shades of colors and I decided on the ones I carry. Check them out.

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    Just don't get zeetron. Fake parts for the lose.

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    I just got 5 color each at $80 from a NJ supplier,quality quite nice, they sell verizon ones as well, any interest to join me,just pm me

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    $80 is high for a color kit....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dee9299 View Post
    $80 is high for a color kit....

    You overpaid brother!

    $80 a kit? tut tut!

    let's hope it sings to you at night and tucks you in!

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    yes, it seems that I have paid too much,but the kits look nice and durable, I will not regret somewhat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPhonetwitter View Post
    yes, it seems that I have paid too much,but the kits look nice and durable, I will not regret somewhat...
    Any chance of a pic brother?

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