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Thread: iPhone 4 Earpiece speaker very quiet after spill. Help?

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    You inspired me to try to clean it again.
    See when I replaced the speaker I cleaned it from "the inside" of mesh screen really well with alcohol and even used compressed air afterwards. From the inside the qtip had no obstructions so i could get full contact... But sadly no change.

    I did clean the outside as well but the qtip couldn't make full contact in that cramped space.. But I thought good enough since I really got the inside well.

    Now I thought I would follow your lead and try again... but I've stripped one of the damn screws to get to the speaker. I was so pissed I could scream! Lol

    But I decided I'll just put it back together and clean it throughly from the "outside" of the mesh. So I go a qtip and a paperclip and some alcohol and I pushed the cotton from the swap into the speaker hole and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed the heck out of it and it looked like some gunk came off but not an insane amount... I crossed my fingers and what do you know!? It worked!

    Thanks for getting me to tackle the problem again before changing another perfectly fine part!!

    Case closed! :-D

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    awesome man I'm glad it worked...I just dropped my phone and broke my screen so now I'm off to another repair job anyone know where I can get a good quality screen for a decent prise

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    Typically the volume is very low due to moisture and debris trapped behind the speaker mesh. I've dropped two phones into water, and both ran fine with the exception of the low earpiece volume. I tried everything from desiccant to compressed air to fix the issue with no success, then I finally stumbled onto the solution one night when watching a sonicare toothbrush commercial. I figured if a sonic toothbrush can remove plaque by cavitating water then it could probably dislodge/dissolve debris and moisture from a piezoelectric speaker, and it worked perfectly. I fixed two phones after only 60 seconds of sonic toothbrush application to the earpiece mesh. Now I clean my phone earpiece and speakers using the sonic brush at least once a month to remove dust, grease and lint. It works.

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    Someone should have posted pictures. Would have been a lot easier than using my imagination

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colby21 View Post
    Someone should have posted pictures. Would have been a lot easier than using my imagination
    Toothbrush over earpiece slot, not much a picture could elaborate on, anyway...
    I had the low (about 50% but clear) volume problem on my iphone 4, I bought it on eBay, no signs of water damage. I tried the sonic toothbrush for over 3 mins a few times, no improvement. Dipped the bristles in alcohol, repeated, as results. I had tried to blow it out before the toothbrush, to no avail, this time I cranked up the PSI to over 200 (I have access to Nitrogen, which is dry of oil and clean) and it finally worked, volume back to normal, compared it to my 4s using the same voice memo. I'm not sure if the toothbrush and alcohol were a factor at all, but they might have been. Warning, most air compressors use oil to lubricate and come out through the air, you could make it worse. Some tire shops fill with Nitrogen as do paintball fields, maybe ask around if you could get a quick, concentrated blast for about 10 seconds, as that's about what I did. Good luck.

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    Just wanted to add my two cents... I spilt hot candle wax on my iPhone 4 earpiece speaker, which made the volume really low and poor quality. My husband followed the iFixit guide to open the iPhone and clean the earpiece, but to no avail. After reading this thread, I tried brushing the outside of the earpiece with a toothbrush, which must've cleaned it more thoroughly because it worked! Volume is back to normal! Thanks

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    Default I fixed mine!
    After reading about the experiences here, I tore my phone down and cleaned inside the loud speaker, it's all better too! Good advice, here's some more good advice...don't share your cereal with your iPhone. Haha! Thanks for your help!

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