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Thread: Home button not working? even after Dock replacement

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    Default Home button not working? even after Dock replacement
    Sorry for the story! I feel its the only way to explain what happen...

    Okay so heres what happen,

    my buddys iphone needed a new dock connector because the contacts for the home button were so worn down that it did not work anymore. He needed it really quick so I offered to just switch his connector with mine and ill fix mine when the new part gets here.

    Anyway, I switch parts, his home button works again, charge and everything.

    on my phone, charging and everything works except my homebutton... as expected.

    So anyway, my new dock connector came in today so i went ahead and replaced it.

    Thing is, my home button still doesnt work? First i reoppned and made sure it was connected properly--it was. Then I figured the part was defective.

    So i put my ordered part into another iphone that I have, and the home button worked fine.

    Then I figured maybe my home button messed up? so i disconnect my screen,lcd, and digitizer from my, and put it on the iphone where the new part worked...

    ...and it worked.

    So it's not my home button, and its not the new connector...what can it be? my main board? howd that happen? ;/

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    guess this is a 3g/3gs?
    still dont really understand your problem
    mainboard would have nothing to do with the homebutton, unless a particular IC was worn out or something. Highly unlikely.

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    huh? i agree with harmon. Nothing to do with homebutton...

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