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Thread: So I opened my iPhone 3g..

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    Default So I opened my iPhone 3g..
    ..and I can't figure out where this piece goes. I'm guessing near the power button because it's no longer functioning correctly (unable to push it down). Here are some pics

    Anyone know where this piece fits?

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    That is the sim card ejecter it's at the top of your phone in the center. It's right above where the sim goes into the motherboard. But it has nothing to do with your power button.

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    Thanks for the fast replies. Put the piece back in the right place and also rearranged the power button to work correctly. My problem now is getting the motherboard to sit correctly with the camera attached. Ughhhhh. Lol. Regretting my decision to open it

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    attach the camera to the logig board. place the top of the logic board in place first (there should be a little groove in the top that it sits in, make sure the doc connector plug is on top.

    finally snap the camera into place! and screw it down
    Thanks! I managed to put it in place before reading this though, lol .

    iPhone is fully assembled now..only problem is that I have to push down on the screen if I want the home button to work. Suggestions?

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    Make sure the two gold colored contact pins at the end of the Home Button Flex Cable are present and in sitting like they should, so they can contact the two small plates on the Charging Port Flex Cable #4.

    To do this carefully open your iPhone, an look at the bottom of the Mid Frame where the Home Button Contact Pins are located. See if they look OK.

    If one or both are broken (missing) there are fixes for this. If one or both is flattened, they can sometimes be carefully bent back into proper position. they are easily broken, so don't make matters worse by breaking them.

    Good luck,


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