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Thread: [HELP!] iPhone 4 Front Camera not working DETAILS

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    Default [HELP!] iPhone 4 Front Camera not working DETAILS
    Ok so this isnt the average iPhone 4 front camera issue.

    Details I can confirm-
    Front camera does not work
    Back Camera works
    When i go to general > setting > reset all settings it lets me use the back camera and then when i switch the cameras it gets stuck on the shutter.

    What makes this not an average issue is that I switched the motherboards with my brothers iPhone 4. I switch the boards because his iPhone 4 was unlocked and mines wasn't.

    Now the front camera is stuck on the shutter for both of us.

    I had no idea that switching the motherboards could make the front camera be useless.

    My brother is currently in UC Davis and i cant get to him now.
    What I will be doing when he comes back from college is switch the motherboards back to their original parts, and see if the camera works.

    What i want from you guys is that is their a workaround rather then switching the motherboards back to their original parts.

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    Try checking the front camera plug on the motherboard, maybe u did not plug it in all the way when you put it back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolk72 View Post
    Try checking the front camera plug on the motherboard, maybe u did not plug it in all the way when you put it back.
    The thing is that the camera does not work on both of the iPhones. And I just switched the motherboards back a while ago, and still no luck!

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    Crazy... Never heard of this before. Just curious, why didn't you guys just switch phones?

    Hardware problems are hard to understand sometimes, I'd suggest finding moderator Westerman and asking him. He knows a lot about hardware things.

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    My guess is there is something wrong with that front facing camera ribbon which is throwing an error to the phone making it get stuck on the shutter screen. I think its getting stuck because the os is reading to go to the front camera but then hardware is telling it that its not there. So i would try replacing the camera on the lcd/digi i don't think its you logic board.

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    I seem to be having this exact same problem and was wondering if you'd been ableto resolve it and how.

    My back camera works fine but when I open the app and try to twitch to the front facing camera, it freezes on the shutter screen and the camera-video switch at the bottom right flickers rapidly and never ends. Once this happens I have to restore my phone in order to use the back camera again.

    Any fixes or suggested advice yet?

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    I'd replace the front camera entirely. It's an inexpensive part and is fairly easy to replace.

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    Default Font camera not working
    Hi i've had the same problem with my iphone 4 replace the front camera but the problem still there any solutions?

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    Have you tried doing a restore?

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    Im looking for front camera way on logic board

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    Hey have you fixed your front camera issue ? i am also stuck with the same problem. I have tried replacing the front camera, but no luck ...
    Please help me if you have got a solution to this ...

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    Hi did you finally come to a fix I'm having the same problem and also switch the logic board to my wifes phone just to notice that both front cameras won't work so I went and put mine back so I don't wanna damage hers mine still did not work hers works again. I really won't be waisting more of my time will change this damn phone.

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    Any luck on a fix or solution to this? I am having same problem and was told it may be a mobo problem. the problem began before i upgraded to ios5 and thought the upgrade would fix, no luck, ive replaced the camera/flash assembly with no difference and reading here the other camera swap did nothing, but will try it if it helped someone. as prior poster noted, a reset all fixes it until i switch to the facetime camera, shutter freezes...
    thanks for any ideas...

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    There is a very very very tiny resistor just above where the 3 small flexes plug in that when damaged or knocked off causes the front camera to not work. Check it out on your phones if you've taken it apart before. Not an easy fix for someone who isn't a highly skilled at soldering.

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    Here is another thread that has pictures of the missing resistor and how people fixed it. Good luck

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    I had the same issue and did the jumper. Now my front camera works but it is a poor quality. I have replace also the front camera part. Dod you think that this part is not good quality?
    Thanks for help.

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    Hi @moiz: Sorry little late but not least . . . well I have seen your problem and come to the point that its a Hardware problem, the same problem I have fixed for iPhone 4s and there is no big difference between iPhone 4 and 4s this is what I think, if you repair 4s then surely you can repair 4 as well. Here are some tips you need to follow in order to repair your camera:

    1) Reset your iPhone 4
    2) Uninstall any camera app after which your iPhone 4 front camera has started giving you problems.

    If this solution wont work then use these steps:

    1) Remove back cover of your iPhone 4 and check Front Camera Strip (Flux Cable).

    2) After that check iPhone 4 front camera on board connector for any damage. If it is water damage then clean on board connector as well as iPhone 4s front camera strip connector and check. If they are damaged, change it.

    3) Check Coil and gently heat it. Replace if necessary. Also check capacitors too!
    If there is a problem with your front camera then change the entire Assembly strip with the new one!

    I have written an article on this topic in a Blog you can find these steps defined with images. But its for 4s but don't worry 4 and 4s mechanism are same

    Have a nice day

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