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Thread: help with this so weird problem with charging !

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    Default help with this so weird problem with charging !

    yesterday i have open iphone 3g to replace the back cover, once i done the problem started,

    it's not charging .. the computer don't see it at all and wall charger not working with it,

    first thing i replace the dock ( the iphone charger base from inside the phone with another working one ) but nothing happen not charging,

    when it go down the battery finish and i connect it to the wall charger or the computer it start charge tell boot up then stop and nothing happen tell go down again after 5 minit and so on,

    now if turn it off and press the home button and plug the usb cable it take me into recovery mode, but the computer not see it,

    i have try with 2 computers ( win 7 and win xp ) the same,

    i have take out the main board and putt it into another iphone wich is work ... the same issue not charger the computer not see it, !!!

    the firmware is 3.0
    iphone 3g 8 GB

    please help me what to do ? am waiting for new cable to come and try but my cable work with 3 other iphone's,

    sorry for bad spilling am not english ,


    the new cable the same ..... the dfu mode as well not recognize it as well
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    If you you plug it in charge the apple logo goes on for 5 mins than shuts off its not connected battery. Make sure that battery is on the right space and there is no gap between bezel and plastic on the right side.

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    I have the exact same problem for a while and have not found a solution yet. I opened and close the phone a million times and i cant figure out what it is

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    well guy's i don't know but it's like hardware problem .. I have take out the board and putt it into another 100% working iphone, and all the same not charge only for the first few minit !!! i wish if i could connect to itunes to try the restore option

    by the way. when i plug ipod charger it say's this not supported, so this is SO WIERED !!!!!!
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