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Thread: iPhone 2G display problem

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    Default iPhone 2G display problem
    so I got a problem with my old iPhone's display. Some of the pixels in the top of the screen started to stay grey some months ago. First I didn't really care because the area changed its shape and size every day and altogether it was only some pixels. But now, it grew to a broad block and it disturbs me really. Strangely, this grey thing is also visible when I turn the device off. And if sunlight (or a flashlight beam) gets on it, I can see 'through' this grey things and watch the image shown correctly. I also attached two pictures with it.

    Replacing the screen is not worth the phone I think. Does anyone know this issue or even know a solution?

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    Thats just the lcd going out the only thing to do is replace it

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    Sure? Is this something common?
    Meanwhile I read something about heating or putting pressure on, but don't know if this applies on my problem. Further Im afraid I could damage more than I'll repair... No one got experience?

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    It pretty common on the 2g IPhone you can try the heat thing havent ever seen results from it,and also remember you are messing with an almost 5 year old device so I dont think it will do anything.

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    So now I tried the pressure method... that means I took a pen and pressed it on the screen. It first seems to be successful but then stuck pixels appeared in a completely other place of the display! I think it serves no purpose but it was worth a try...

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