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Thread: small problem after switching screens

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    Default small problem after switching screens
    hi so i smashed my screen when i fell walking up the stairs

    i have no electronics take apart experience so this was fun haha. i have a extra broken iphone that the screen is perfect.

    i took screens off and swap the shattered one for the good one. i got the screen off another broken iphone. i switched out the digitizer lcd and glass that whole chunk thats glued together.

    got it all back together. no problem. most everything else works perfect (im surprised) accept for the home button. i opened it back up to see if the contact was dirty and it looked perfect. so im just wondering if theres any things to look for? like a certain connection that gets loose or what.

    i didnt even take anything down by the button apart which is weird. so i dunno how it stopped working. it worked perfect before.

    any help would be good thanks
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    Are the metal prongs bent?

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    the 2 little ones by the circle button thing? nope they are fine

    it worked perfect before and i didnt mess witht the button stuff donw there.

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    Try a restore. If they don't need to be jailbroken or unlocked

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    i tried it. didnt help

    anything else?

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    If you press on the part near the home button does it work?

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    which part? i tried pressing all around it and pressing hard. i dunno

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    On the bottom near the home button. To the left of the home button. Try holding down there and then seeing if the home button works.
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    I like what STRAYunINFIDEL posted. Prongs on underside of screen at home button may have to be drawn out away from their bent position. I use a needle and and a magnifier to do the job. Basically you are trying increase pressure of contacts against the board.

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