Hello guys,

I've got two problems on two separate 3GS-s, please help me locate the problems! Thanks!

Symptoms on the 1st phone:

  • Intact-looking ringer switch doesn't work, does nothing at all, the ringer is always ON
  • the back housing is broken just the right side of the plug "window" (so just to explain: the white part is broken, 1 mm left from the right sided screw, exactly in the right up corner of the plug window). There are no other hit marks on the phone.
  • if I push the back housing to the screen with my hand in the area mentioned above, so on the lower right side of the phone (by the right screw), then the ringer switch begins to have contact and works a bit (it switches OFF the ringer about on its half-way, but when I push it along to its actual OFF position, it looses contact again and the ringer goes back ON).

Which part should I change here? The ringer switch? The holder of the ringer switch? The headphone jack assembly? The white back housing? All of it?

Other phone:

  • Call has been made, phone to face, screen goes to sleep. Before answer I want to cancel the call. Phone comes off the face, screen turns back ON, I hit the red END area, and with that the screen goes right to sleep again (without the screen lock sound), and not even the home button wakes it up. I have to wake it up via the power button and the slide move. And the call is still ON... It happens once in every 50 calls, so not always, but if it starts to happen, it can happen 10 times in a row...

What kind of problem is that? Logic board? Or just the digitizer? Anything else?