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Thread: 2G headphone jack problem

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    Default 2G headphone jack problem

    Iøm having some problems with a iPhone 2G headphone jack flex cable, first off I got it from a friend to fix, because the power button didn't work, but now after having replaced it with a new one, the phone thinks that the headset is in, when it is not and when I plug it in, it thinks the headset is not plugged in.. I found this thread, but I couldn't get an answer from it so I will try again..

    I have tried with two different (one used which works in another phone, and a brand new one) which both gives me this problem..

    What to do? Need some help

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    Try and do a restore sometimes the hardware has to be rest with the motherboard

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    I have tried that once, but I could try again
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    No other suggestions??

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    Did it not work?

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    I not home today, will try it tomorrow will report back when I have tried it Hope it works that would be very nice..

    I just tried it, no luck.. The werid thing is - If I install the old one, then it works :S and if I install the new one in another iPhone it works :S

    I kind of lost..

    Okay, I think I just found the solution.. Apparently apple has made two differnet jack flex cables for the iphone 2G, one with part number 821-0600-A and one with part number 821-0449-A, and these two are different! IT then turns out, that even though 821-0600-A is the newest, this one is rare and not that many shops has these left, but i managed to find one on ebay so now I'm just have to wait and see But it explains all my problems because the one I'm trying to fix has 821-0600-A and my own one has 821-0449-A and the ones I have orderes was 821-0449-A.. Hope this helps if anybody else has the problem
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