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Thread: Housing and screen not aligning

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    Default Housing and screen not aligning
    I just got done with a custom housing for my daughter's iphone but the screen and housing doesnt seem to be aligning right on the top side of the screen (screen looks like its gonna fall out possibly if shaken too hard or dropped, doesn't look very secure.

    any suggestions?

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    Did you use an aftermarket bezel or the original one?

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    original bezel.

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    Are you saying the the screen is loose in the bezel or that the bezel isnt lined perfectly with the housing?

    Most of the time unless its oem the bezel will not line perfectly up with the housing. You may have some lipping on one side or another 95% of the time tho everything will be ok and work it just will not be perfect.
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    well, there is Lipping, I'm just worried the screen will pop out. the bottom side is aligned perfect, but the top of the screen pops out about 1/32 of an inch, not enought to really look too bad (if i squish it it will go down flush but when i let go it pops back out)

    maybe I didnt clean the bezel well or something?
    was I supposed to use an adhesive or something to hold it down?
    Do i have to worry about the screen falling out or anything?


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    Your probably ok u may have just bent the bezel a but I would lay the phone facedown and and put weight like 5 pounds on it over night and see if that will keep it flush

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    what phone are we talking about anyway?

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