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Thread: iPod 3G to iPhone 3Gs?

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    Default iPod 3G to iPhone 3Gs?
    Hey guys thought this would be the right place to put this topic.. Anyways I'm new here and I was wondering.. Last year I got an iPod touch 3G for my birthday and this year I got a phone because I got a job, but I'll spare you my life story.

    Now I'm have an alright experience with computers such as laptops desktops stuff like that but no experience what so ever with replacing or repairing or upgrading portable devices such as iPods or phones or iPhones and such..

    So here's my question.. Can I make a frankenstein iPhone, so to speak, by taking parts like my battery, head phone jack, USB port, home button, rocker and other various pieces of hardware from my touch.. And then go out and buy the necessary part like mic, camera, back plate and various hardware parts for an iPhone and make a mismatched iPhone?

    Now the reason for this being is I want an iPhone but I also want my 32gbs of space but also the reason for mismatching is also because 32gbs iPhone 3gss are friggin expensive new or used!!

    So experts crush my dreams if you want I know it probably won't be possible but if you think it might be, sure go ahead gimme a list of parts I can salvage and parts I need to buy new haha thanks alot guys hope you can help..

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    It's going to be close to impossible nothing will match up correctly and you iPod will not take iPhone software making it hard to be a phone. Good idea but it's just not possible. Screen sizes are different connectors, battery and docks and just about everything else are all different

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    Well thanks I guess I should just go out and buy an iPhone 3GS 32gbs... Anyway so theres still no one that you could switch the hard drives?

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    Nope. You could back up the ipod in itunes, then manually dissect the back up info with a program.

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