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Thread: iPhone 4 battery replacement causes constant rebooting

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    Default iPhone 4 battery replacement causes constant rebooting
    Having recently damaged my original iPhone 4 battery under heat, I bought a replacement battery and attempted to install it myself. Installing it proved simple enough but after turning on the phone for about 5 minutes, it will either shut off completely or reboot. I put my original battery back in and it works fine again.

    I tried persisting with the phone constantly rebooting until the new battery drained so that I could fully charge it but while charging it still does that and the battery percentage does not update.

    Apparently restoring might help the problem, but I am hesitant on trying as I do not want to lose my jailbreak (currently iOS 4.1).
    Can anyone who has performed a battery swap help me out?

    original battery apn 616-0520
    new battery's apn 616-0521

    Does that mean anything?

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    Seems like you just got a D.O.A battery. Try getting a replacement from wherever you got it.

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    get another battery. and if you want to restore, then since you are jailbroken, you should have SHSH saved so you can restore back to 4.1 and no need to update

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    The restore should fix it most of the time when doing that a rest is necessary to get the battery and logic board to sync together.

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    Nop restore wont fix it the phone just wont restore, i got exact same issue i needed new battery after i stubbed mine, so i got one from ebay but the phone kept restarting and it was almost not able to charge but when i got the new replacement one it worked perfectly not that perfect as the original one but still ok.

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