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Thread: Water Damaged iphone, works sometimes.

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    Default Water Damaged iphone, works sometimes.
    Ok, so my friend dropped his phone in the shower. It hardly got wet. I took it apart to try and dry it out and after disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, putting it back together, and plugging it in the charger ( his power button doesn't work ) It turned right on. However, it only lasted for about a half hour, then turned off. I repeated the process 4 times already, i get the exact same results everytime.
    Any ideas?
    the only thing i can think of is maybe replacing the battery? Is it possible for the battery to only hold a small charge and not get charged past that?
    Maybe there is still water somewhere in the phone shorting it out every time?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Generally people let it sit dry for several days.

    Side question: Why was he using the phone in the shower.

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    Well, we let it sit for a day. It has been about 5 days since it happened.

    That is a very good question! One i don't know. lol

    Ok here's a simple question... can batteries work intermittently or are they either dead or working?
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    it all depends the extent of the damage. since you took it appart was there any corrosion on the board and had the water damage indicator turn red?
    if not then it will probably just need to clean the connector for the power button. you will need to remove the board and remove the 2 screws that hold the power button. gently remove the tape that is glued to the plastic part of the assembly but keep the ribbon part of the headphone jack glued to the plastic. When you remove the tape there will be this silver circle that comes in contact with a golden circle. Grab a flat head screw driver and polish the silver piece (stuck to the tape) the best you can and gently polish the (the golden circle) and remove any dirt with your finger. put it back together and it should work.

    You may need to restart it by holding the power and home button

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    There was no corrosion on the board or battery, i cleaned the battery connectors off every time i opened it. The water indicators were pink.
    That is some good advice to get his power button working again.
    But my real problem is the phone keeps shutting off, he says it shuts off when you try to actually use the phone, via make a call or even text. if he doesn't touch it at all, it stays on for longer.

    Also after its off, the ONLY way to get it back on, is to disconnect and reconnect the battery by re-seating the board.
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    That totally blows. I'd be pretty mad at my girlfriend probably for a day lol.

    but i'm no where near interested in having someone else fix it. I fix them myself locally for side money, I'm just in a bind with this one. Im going to try letting it dry out for a couple more days and if that doesnt work maybe ill try a new battery

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    Could it be that the phone thinks the battery is heavily discharged and shuts off the phone?
    The phone should turn itself off once the battery gets down to a certain level to prevent damage to the battery. Over discharging lithium ion cells will damage them. Using the phone will draw more power from the battery which could be why this is happening. I can't tell you if the problem is the battery, the battery protection circuit or just moisture elsewhere in the phone.

    I recommend take the battery out and leave it to dry again. Putting it in a ziplock with some silica crystals in a gently warm place speeds it up. Leaving the battery out for a while may reset the battery protection circuit but that depends on how it works.

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    I will give that a try and see what happens, thanks for the reply!

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