I'm not sure if this is the right section but I just finished changing the housing on my 3G to a Green one. The Housing was from eBay and it wasn't that good. when i put in the bezel there was a gap in the upper right corner. I'm guessing the housing wasn't completely leveled. that makes the power/sleep button more difficult to press. it works but you gotta press it harder for it to actually work. also the sim tray included with the housing sucked. it didn't even fit into the iphone correctly. right now I'm using my black oem one that works perfectly. almost broke my sim card using the green sim tray. had to remove the LCD just to remove the sim card and tray. everything else is functioning which im happy about. I'll post pictures tomorrow. I'm using a speck seethtru case to protect the back cover and to hide the hideous gap in between the bezel and the back housing.
In the process i think I lose one screw that was suppose to be around the #6 connector. I don't think it'll affect much. Also the mechanism for the sim tray removal is broken. I have to pop the LCD every time I need to switch the sim card which is unlikely so I'm fine and I can use that screw to replace the lose screw. 6.99 and everything kinda works. I'm okay with that.

Here's the housing:Green Housing

Thanks for reading!