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    Ok well i got a lead on overclocking the iphone. Well it wouldnt be overclocking because the processer goes to speeds of 600Mhz. if u open up the terminal and go to iphone and type in sysctl -w hw.cpufrequency=xxx000000 the x's are for the cpu speed like 412Mhz. But the bad thing is that when you try to put in 533000000 it says that hw.cpufrequency is read only. Is there a way to make it writeable?

    And I've looked up that it WILL decrease battery life by little. But it won't cause your iPhone/iPod Touch to crash and burn.

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    Up to this point I havent found a solid solution. There are posts on this forums but no one has yet to find anything:

    I have doubts that making hw.cpufrequency writable would overclock it.

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    I've searched for days and tried everything to overclock my 3G, including swapping out the power management plist with one from a 3GS. So far nothing seems to work. So ive pretty much given up, even if you could somehow make it writeable i doubt it will work, apple puts all of the stuff on serious lockdown. Just wait for the iphone 4G.

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