No idea if this is even the right place for this, but I'm curious. I have a 2nd gen iPhone (3G / 16GB) and I went out to buy a new alarm clock radio that works with the iPhone. Got it home, and it didn't work.

Took it back, and then tried every other model in Wal-Mart, then off to Future Shop to do the same, and then off to the Apple Store in the mall nearby. Same issue with every single model, even had one woman there who had the same model of phone give it a try, and hers (Not Jailbroken) worked.

If her stock 2nd Gen 3G, 16GB iPhone will work with the systems, and my jailbroken 2nd Gen 3G, 16GB iPhone will not, I can only assume that it's due to being jailbroken. Anyone else able to confirm? Is this something that can be looked at for the 3.1.3 release?