ok so heres my problem... i had a 2g iPhone that the ear speaker broke on and i decided to try to fix it. i took the phone apart and made sure i didn't damage anything in the process. i have 2 other broken 2g's so i took another one apart and stripped it all the way down and replaced the bracket that has the speaker and home button/speaker assembly on the bottom. when i put the "working" phone back together the home button and power button stopped working completely. i thought it was the connections so i unassembled it and retried it and it still didn't work. i thought it might be the mother board or the bracket next so i took apart the other phone and swapped the motherboard and the braked in every combination possible and i still cant get the power and home button to work. i have 3 phones completely disassembled 1 working screen, 3 working motherboards and 2 working brackets (everything else works too btw) but no matter what i do i cant get the power and home buttons to work... am i doing something stupid? please help