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Thread: iPhone 1G Repair story

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    Default iPhone 1G Repair story
    I got me this iPhone 1G from a friend who said it was not taking a charge. The day after I got it, I went on vacation. So it went onto the back burner. I got back from vacation today (My Birthday ) and ripped it to shreds. There was smell of short circuit everywhere, and I found no visible black spots... I then removed the Mobo-Comm-Battery assembly, and I saw a strange mark on the DC Cable to the Mobo. And a small piece on the ribbon on the mobo. After further inspection the DC Ribbon lost a connector that happens to be the one that transfers power. After many swaps of a spare mobo and comm boards and all the combo's you can think of, I put the regular combo back together. With a little love and elbow grease I got it to boot up recovering all of the previous owner's data in the process. I get to keep it and it's a 8GB Model. It's in pieces right now and the back cover got a little beat up in the process of removing it.

    Now for the repair: I can either buy a new ribbon and do it the noob way and install it and spend 10$
    I can get the current ribbon to work and do it the leet ***or way buy putting a shim or glue on the ribbon to make it stay in place and spend 0$
    What do you guys recommend?
    Here's the part I need to buy if I go that route: Dock Connector Ribbon Flex Cable For iPhone 2G Parts - eBay (item 280439512146 end time Jan-15-10 04:18:05 PST)
    When this iPhone is fixed my evil genius plan to get my whole family on iPhone's for VERY cheap will be complete as this goes to my sister. I am planning a future back replacement because I fixed the one that has right now but it has some creases on the metal. iPhone's are TOUGH thingies!
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    Do it right, or don't do it at all.

    Spend the $10 so your sister has a reliable phone to use. She'd probably be willing to pay the $10.

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