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Thread: water drop fix

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    Default water drop fix
    i bought an iphone @ work 16gb 3gs when someone calls the phone and u hit accept where the accept button should be it answers, and i can hear the person and they can hear me but the display does not work, i have to just guess where the accept/endcall should be the phone rings and everything does anyone think a simple lcd screen swap will work since everything else seems to be working?
    it rings answers and everything just no display what so ever...

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    How long ago was it dropped in water and was it fully submerged or barely wet? This is going to require a lot of patience on your behalf and i suggest letting the battery run out and then putting it in a big ziplock/tupperware submerged in rice. It worked for me but i left it in there for about a week just to be safe. What i did was full half the tupperware with rice, then put the iphone in the middle and cover it fully with more rice until it's not visible anymore. Close the lid really airtight, pressing in the middle of the cover so that when you close it, the air goes out. I really suggest you wait it out and don't pull it out of the rice every few days, just let it sit and be patient. In my case the screen was flickering after some water got in through the top size of the screen so this method helped me fix that by drying out the iphone and removing any humidity.

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    i did the whole rice thing when it dropped in water which i think is why it still completely works as a phone just the LCD is out its been a few months.

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    for me i did the same thing only thing now is lcd back lit is not working any fix for that? how much is the cost?

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    new lcd for gs can run 70-90$ 3g lcd usually 35-50$

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