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Thread: Weird Spot on Screen

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    Default Weird Spot on Screen
    Hi, I have an iphone 2g jailbroken and unlocked, and it has a light spot on the top left corner in the screen. It just makes the pixels underneath a bit lighter, all of the colors and stuff works fine. You can easily still see the picture underneath. When the phone is off or in sleep mode, the spot looks slightly brown when the screen is not on. Whats weird about it, is it goes away when the air around it is colder. When it gets hot, it comes back.

    Any suggestions on ways to permenently make it go away? What could be causing this?


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    I had the same case.. mine is a like a burst of high contrast on the top left.. will add pictures..
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    Ya, it is really annoying. It is not the lcd, because the pixels and brightness work fine. It's like in between the glass and screen. If anybody know a way to fix it... any method at all would be appreciated.

    PS- like I said before, it will go pretty much COMPLETELY away if left in cool weather for like 5 min. It comes back after I play some games though. It is very frustrating

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    It is the LCD.

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    Ok. Just wondering, why does it go away when cold?

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    LCD stands for "liquid crystal display"

    This is basically what happens, your issue being a "black mura".

    Mura Effect type 1 corresponds to a lack of homogeneity in control circuit adjustments. From one cell to another color control can change and it will lead to permanent defects in intensity in displayed images.

    Mura Effect type 2, or Cell Gap Mura comes in two forms. If liquid crystal cell sizes are superior to the normal size in an area of the panel, the images produced in this area will be brighter. This is a White Mura. In the opposite way, if the cell size is too small, it will be darker. This is a Black Mura.

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    Ok, so my problem is the LCD? I can see the spot when the screen is off if that means anything. And still when it gets cold it goes away. Could I get it to go away and keep it away somehow?

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    Like I said is the LCD.

    The fix: New LCD.

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    Ok...i may not understand this correctly...and i will say that I'm not a hardware expert but there is a PixelFixer app on Cydia/Rock that will (supposedly) fix certain pixel problems by flashing lights in a sequence to cause excess heat....try it maybe?
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    Yeah that sometimes works for dead pixels, but his issue is different.

    Nonetheless, you could always try it.

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    Thank you for giving
    me some answers. I still have one question.. Why does it go away when it's cold?

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