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Thread: iPhone to output GPS data over USB

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    Smile iPhone to output GPS data over USB

    I'm trying to make a DIY GPS tracker for my digital camera, it's a D90 from Nikon. The D90 has a seperate GPS receiver available for way too much buck that will capture and send the coordinates to the camera throught a clear text protocol named NMEA.

    I was wondering if any programmer ever had success or experienced sending data (anything) from the iPhone USB port.

    My goal is to take the info from the iPhone (3G) internal GPS receiver which is quite excellent and send it using the NMEA protocol using a customized USB wire. The D90 has a special proprietary port for this, 4 pins, 2 is for power 2 other for info.

    This is my part, making the dock wire fits into the 4 pin of my camra. However I have no knowledge whatsoever on programming and how to make this happen by software. Any help would be appreciated!

    By the way if this works it coulf fit way more camera that just a D90, I'm just using it because that's what I own.

    I considered tracking GPX info and geotag after and whatever program I used it was painful. On the go geotag would just be sweet.

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    Default Is this possible
    I am also looking to do that same thing. I have searched the internet for about 2 hours looking for a cable to connect my iPhone to my Nikon D90 so that I can use the GPS info from the iPhone to geotag my Nikon D90 pictures. From what I've seen, it looks like such a cable does not exist yet. Also, we would probably need an app that will be able to make the connection between the Nikon and the iPhone. If anyone has any other ideas of how to be able to connect my Nikon D90 to my iPhone, please leave a comment below. I am assuming that Nikon is not coming out with anything due to the fact that they want you to buy their GP-1 unit, which is too bulky, and from what I've read is not very sturdy.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Trust me, I finally settled on either not geo-tagging or geo-tagging using something else.

    I've done, in the end, months of search. I am positive, no such cable doesn't exist and no, no app exist that output cleartext GPS signal (it's a standard, called NMEA, that the D90 receives from the GP-1 unit).

    Trust me, you're better off recording GPS tracks and then merging it with some software, however I personally don't like this approach.

    Also, don't buy the GP-1 unit. I've got it from someone (I didn't paid), so it's very nice. But if you're about to buy, just get some 3rd party GPS unit, preferably made to work with the D90. A quick google search should put you on the right way.

    Good luck on geotagging.

    No possible forget it.

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    Default iphone nikon d90
    Hey guys, I may have found your cable:
    Its the GNG9 from this site: Pc-Mobile data cables audio adapters for PDA, GSM and GPS Bluetooth, Nikon PSP

    I know, its an expensive cable that takes two weeks to get here from China, but its the only one I have found for the D90.

    I have a couple that I am trying to hook up with this GPS (which works, btw):
    SparkFun Electronics - 20 Channel GS405 Helical GPS Receiver. I will post the worklog when I am finished.

    I'm not sure if a app exists that will pump out NMEA data at 4800bps. Please reply to this if someone can find one, and I can connect it to one of these (SparkFun Electronics - iPod Connector Male Style 2) to see if I can get it to work.

    In the meantime, I will ping on some iphone developer friends to see what they say.



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    Darn it. I didn't think to check sparkfun for iPod connectors and boards. They have a breakout board for the ipod connector that makes it much easier to use.
    I spent a lot more to get my own breakout board made so I didn't have to solder tiny wires to the ipod connector for a project.

    I think you're going to need some circuit in the middle to convert the iphone data to nmea, but you can use a serial port. See this thread

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    What about a way to use the iphone as a controller aside from being stuck with the onOne remote whereas you HAVE to have a computer connected to the camera to use it. What about a way to use the iphone data cable, adapt it to a mini USB and use the remote that way. Cut out the computer, wireless connection and the delay you encounter.
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