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Thread: Looking for a Headphone Flex Cable replacement tutorial

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    Question Looking for a Headphone Flex Cable replacement tutorial

    Recently, my lock button/vibrate switch/headphone jack/volume knobs have all stopped working. None of them are jammed or anything, I just believe that the flex cable is dead.

    I ordered a new one for my 3G...but the only problem is I can't find a tutorial online. I have experience with stuff like this since i'm an engineer, but I would reaaaally like if someone could either help me out or post a tutorial.

    Muchos thanks.

    - backbeaaaat.

  2. #2 has some guides for disassembling the iphone. Once it's opened (IMO) its pretty straight forward.

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    Well, with all the godlike rumors i've heard of you, cpjr, i'm sure, IYO, that it is straight forward =P

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    ^Haha, lol. I checked here is the guide you will need

    Installing iPhone 3G Headphone Jack

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    Alright, so the piece came, I opened my phone, and got to work.

    I followed that guide all the way through, but at the end it doesn't say anything about how to put in the replacement flex cable. I took off the all of the components from the previous flexcable and put them on the new one except for the headphone jack; there's no adhesive to attach the 2 sensors to it. My previous one, however, had this done.

    I'm stuck cpjr! save me!

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    i have some info, dont rip the flex

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