I have 8gb iPhone 3G that I normally keep in a case that protects the screen. For some crazy weird reason I took the case off that day and kept the iphone naked for the rest of the day. Went to pick up my mom from work and as I was getting out, the phone slips out of my sweatpants pocket and hits the concrete face-first. After picking it up, I immediately noticed the screen broke. Now I have a broken-glass iPhone great. I'm pretty much addicted to this device and with this glass broken it takes away its true beauty. One drop on the concrete and the screen is broken ????? give me a break. Anyways, the phone still works like new and at this point I have a few options that I don't really know which are the best one to pick. I called ATT&APPLE and told them what happened. They say, I would have to pay $199 to get a refurbished iPhone from them. I'd also have to send them my iPhone. The rep. told me it takes 6 weeks for them to fix a broken glass. 6 FREAKING WEEKS

So, I lose my phone and I have to pay $199 AGAIN, this time for a refurbished phone. I mean, is this the only SAFE option...? How reliable are these refurbished iphones ?

2ND option I have is purchasing the material needed to fix the broken screen. I have no idea how to do this myself or where to get all the necessarily parts & tools. This probably is the best option if you want to save money and keep your phone, but the process is complicating as hell, at least to me.

And the 3rd, final option which I'm not a big fan of is, I can keep my phone the way it is, and accept the broken screen. It's not shattered or anything like that. Just a line that is visible. Other than this, the phone works just like when I first got it.

Is there a place where someone can fix the broken glass people who own iphone suffered.??

Thanks alot.