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Thread: [Help!!] Returning iPhone w/ Dead Strip

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    Default [Help!!] Returning iPhone w/ Dead Strip
    I have been looking around recently, but have found nothing, so I hope someone here has had this problem or knows how to help.

    1) I have an iPhone (2G).

    2) I do NOT have AT&T service.

    3) I am out of the iPhone's warranty.

    4) My iPhone has a dead strip (can unlock, but can't click bottom 4 icons.)

    5)I don't have water damage.

    From what I've read, I can return an iPhone with the dead strip problem even if it is out of warranty. My problem is with the service; how am I supposed to give it back? Do they ask for a SIM card to get a replacement? Can I use my aunt's regular plan AT&T SIM card?

    More importantly, can I just buy a SIM card for the iPhone from AT&T (2-Yr Contract), get a replacement, and then cancel the service within 3 days?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    my friend got his iphone 2G replaced, with out a sim card, restored to stock. he bsed the dude for a little bit, he had a not working power button.

    He told them he used the phone as a ipod b/c he had att and didn't like the service so he canceled it and kept the iphone to use as a ipod touch.

    or so he said. they gave him a new phone under warranty.

    don't forget to remove your sim card.

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    ^^If its out of warranty they arent gonna replace it either way.

    Unless you wanna pay the $199 out of warranty replacement fee.

    Otherwise, its ebay time.....or replace the entire screen (glass, digitizer, LCD) as its all one piece....the part is around $170.

    The issue you have is with the digitizer, but the 3 pieces (glass, digitizer, LCD) are fused together and cant be separated without breaking them. So you gotta replace the entire piece.

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    iPhone: Troubleshooting touchscreen response

    ... If the steps above don't resolve your issue, bring your iPhone to an Apple Retail store for evaluation and replacement if necessary, even if your iPhone is out of warranty. If an Apple Retail store is not an option, contact Apple to find out your best service option or see the iPhone Service FAQ...
    I know for a fact I can get it replaced. My main question is that is it possible to cancel the contract after 3 days if I use it to get a refurbished iPhone.

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    Out of curiosity, why are you "sure" you can get it replaced, given its out of warranty??

    Edit: Unless your talking about the $199 replacement fee.
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    your quote is just saying you can bring to an apple store even if its out of warranty, not that they will replace it for free out of warranty!!

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    Alright, more proof: iPhone Touchscreen Fix: Increase Sensitivity

    For those of you with dead strip, see post 298. Apple is replacing iPhones with dead strips!!! Just make sure you put your iPhone to it’s original state including the ATT sim and take it to the Apple store. Your iPhone at this point should ONLY be able to make 911 calls. This is important as the associate will ask you “what’s wrong with your phone?” Then you “slide to unlock” and point out that you cannot use the bottom part of the phone to make a call. Also, you tell him/her that you did the RESTORE thinking that it was going to fix the problem but apparently it did not work. Then, by magic - 15 minutes later you’ll have a refurb iPhone. Mine got exchanged after the warranty ran out. Please, let me know if this worked for you as it did for me :-)

    (Martijn: thanks for posting your files but…)

    Tonight I went to the Apple Store here in San Diego. The ‘Genius Bar’ folks seemed to know about the problem and offered to exchange the phone (even though I told them it was out of warranty) and I didn’t even need to really ask.

    don’t go in with a hacked phone (restore it first).
    FYI: it was the Fashion Valley Mall Apple Store and the ‘genius’ was ‘Nechole’. The whole experience was really good.

    Thanks for the forum and hacks.
    When he says this, I assume he means for free, or he wouldn't be happy... why don't you guys agree? Has this failed before?
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    Well, I have picked up a few cheap that had the same problem.

    Took them to the Apple store, told them the digitizer was acting up and THE FIRST thing they do is check to see if the warranty is up.

    I exchanged 2 actually just today, and asked about that very thing. They said they used to be more slack about it, but now if its not under warranty, forget it.

    Hey, go ahead and try. You may get someone in a good mood. But this is what I was told.

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    Alright, I guess I might as well try and report back here... could you at least tell me if after (if) I get a refurbished iPhone, can I cancel the plan immediately and not get charged??

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    ^^Dunno on that one, never tried it.

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    to Hybridx24--

    where did you see the post by Martijn about returning the iphone to the fashion valley mall in san diego? could you please post a link to that thread?


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    ok u didnt hear this from me but.... i know a guy who might be me that works for at&t..... there is something called "buyers remorse" if u start new service and dont like it for whatever reason u can cancel and return your equipment with no strings attached as long as u are within 30 days of starting your contract

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    A friend of mine took his too a apple store after he got the dead strip.He didn't have a at&t so he just bought a prepaid sim and stuck it in.The phone was out of warranty too but they still replaced it(refurbished i think);and they acted like they were doing him a big favor and don't normally do that but Ive read on multiple forums that other people have had similar experiences.

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    i had the exact same issue, 2g, middle dead strip, i called 800myiphone and they told me that there was a batch of iphones that were prone to the dead strip, they said that they cancelled the "free replacement" on them, and that my best bet was to, and i kid you not...."take it to best buy, they will replace the digitizer for somewhere around 65 bucks, or pay 199 to either fix your 2g or buy a 3g." i do have a att sim, but im jailbroken/unlocked for tmobile. do you think id get the same thing if i drove the hour to tampa and brought my issue to someone at the apple store? im kinda screwed at this point, i dont have $200 to fix it, and my warranty ended jan. 24. ANY, and i mean ANY ideas i am more than willing to entertain. thanks

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