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Thread: Replacing a Flex Cable (D.I.Y.) with pics

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    Default jack flex cable
    Hi one1
    Tried to send you a PM but I'm not sure it went.
    My send box shows empty.
    Anyway I posted my PM below.
    Regards Biro

    Hi one1,
    update on thread:

    I got an Ipone 2g from a friend that would not turn on to use it as parts to fix my Iphone. What I found out about my friends Iphone was that the screen was burned and that the headphone jack flex cable was bad.

    So I decided that I'm going to fix my friends Iphone and my own.

    About my own Ipone:
    I used my friends mid-board on my Iphone and everything is back to normal working fine.

    About my friends Iphone:
    I ordered one screen, one connector with mike and speaker attached,(to fix the old md-board) and one headphone jack flex cable.

    I replaced the jack flex cable and all went well. Here is the problem:
    Test it on my own Iphone and the result is that all buttons works normally but no sound from speakers. I put the headphone and I can hear all sounds. Put back my own cover and all is ok(speaker and headphone). So propably I've installed the cable bad or there is something defect with the cable. I've stopped here and haven't installed the connector yet untill I solve the jack cable problem.
    Any advise what I should be troubleshooting for or what I might be overlooking? Thanks Biro

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    Nice, I still don't think I have the courage to attempt that, thansk for the post though.

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    Dear One1,

    I have come across your thread as i was looking for instructions or clues on the installation of the WiFi flex cable on my iPod 2nd gen. Unfortunately i can not view the photos you put earlier, it seems they were removed by someone.

    Would you please post them back or provide a download link.

    Thank you.

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    Default Videos
    Hope these videos will help.
    Replace the xx too tt in the links below.
    It's not for Ipod but may contain some info you need.



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    Thank you for the video links, however the point i'm missing is how to connect the WiFi Flex Cable to the motherboard.

    I would really appreciate if anyone has a new link to the ipod cable installation

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    Pics are gone.

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    Could someone repost pictures of the wifi cable replacement, please? Or are they posted elsewhere? I could really use some guidance in replacing this cable. I don't believe I am getting power to the top of the logic boards after my cable replacements and need to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thank you!
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    Default Photos
    Could somebody send me the photos?

    Also, could you somebody inform what kind/brand of glue can I use to glue the lens frame, microphone frame, etc?

    Tks in advance,

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    Default help with Ipod Touch 3rd Gen flex cable
    So I took apart and got a new flex cable for my ipod touch 3rd gen.
    Reasoning why i took it apart for this reason was my wifi was greyed out.
    And after countless hours of internet searches and youtube videos... i thought i needed to replace the flex cable.
    just last night. found there is a seperate wifi ribbon. LOL (am a dork)
    For the 3rd gen itouch, the flex cable is attached via a eletric conductive tape.
    so i bought that too. took things apart fine, spend about 45 mins slowly and carefully scraping off the old glue (adhesive)

    So that that put the tape down, put the new flex cable down, ipod turns on, itunes recongizes it, but, first time it booted up, the restore screen came on. Well atleast i tried to.

    What i mean but that was, when i held down the poower button, thats working fine, but whats not working is now the digitize screen is not working. Can not slide the power off.

    So i let the ipod die. Took tw0 days. So now that its died, i plugged it into itunes, it powered up. and it was the regular full ipod boot. my old wall paper.. yada yada (skipping borning details)

    So it looks like everything is there. So now still the digitizer screen wont work. Theres not tear, or anything, I had another one sitting around,... the digitizer screen that ws previously crack, but still functional... well that doesnt work either...
    Anyhow so now to the question.

    So I thought maybe since i technically installed a new 'hardware'... kinda like if you did with a computer, you know have to install drivers and such? Did a restore... nope didn't fix.
    So what nest?

    any suggestions?
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    a flex cable is so cheap in ebay... what is the point of risking that much?

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    where is all the pictures?

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    Pics are offline.

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    LOL. I haven't killed one either and this was my first time. LOL. Anyways, VERY AWESOME TUTORIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    What is it the word means?

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    I think, that you are not right. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will talk.

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