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Thread: Replacing a Flex Cable (D.I.Y.) with pics

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    Ok thanks for all the information. I have two 2g iphones one for parts that i have taken apart and the other I use. the one that i am using,I am getting all the symptoms that you listed on the first page. Is there any way to check first to see if its the flex cable or a software problem. I am brand new to this but do have limited time working with soldering. I am very confident that I can change out the flex if need be but just want to be sure that's the problem.
    this is what my Iphone does, battery will only stay charged for 7 or 8 hours before it goes dead (replaced it two months ago Ebay replacement) will not charge on my PC most of the time and its says the THIS USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED when plugged in but will take a charge from the PC some times.I have plugged it into several PCs with the same error message. the Iphone will charge from the wall charger and Itunes does not see the phone when plugged into the pc so i cant add anything to the Iphone or back it up or upgrade due to the fact Itunes does not see it. I guess what i am trying to explain is nothing happens when i plug it into any pc but i can charge it .any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Also how do I check if its software problem.
    Thank you

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    What a bunch of crapola.... I'm a legit ATT customer and bought my 32gb 3gs full price from an Apple store thanks to being a loyalist in june. My external speaker stops working today and applecare takes three days when I can just buy the part and stick it in myself for $10 and ten minutes.

    Guess which one I am doing.

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    Haha, I always used to yell at them and tell them to just mail me the damn part! Thank god I have plenty of parts on hand these days. What are you up to now?
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    for those who dont know how to solder mic correctly
    tap this link here : it is even on the same website you didnt find it ?

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    I don't understand why you posted a link to this thread?
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    Because people was asking how to solder mic on it ..
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    Default Problem with Iphone 2g

    I have a iphone 2g which has a digitizer problem. I have ordered a new one. I first tried to open and remove the screen to see if I could remove the screen. I removed the screen successfully but unfortunately the headphone jack ribbon cable got broken (I have ordered that as well).. Than I connected the screen to see if the logic board is still working. So I connected everything and plugged in the ac wall charger to switch it on coz of the broken cable.. It worked.. After sometime the battery wires got disconnected so I gave it to a professional technician for soldering. After that was done I tried to switch it on again (With the old screen) with the charger and it switched on but was not charging and there was no charging symbol in the battery icon. I tried playing songs but there was no sound from the speaker.. Than I left it. when I checked later it had switched off on its on.. I tried connecting the charger and no luck it didn't switch on.. Is there a problem with the DIY ribbon flex cable or its the logic board? Coz the home button was working fine when it was switched on.. Any Ideas??

    Sorry for the long story but I want to know the problem and look for a solution for it.. Help will be highly appreciated...:-)


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    Sounds like the flex
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    I'd opened up a bricked iphone once. It's still confusing no matter how many times I've seen the inside... :P

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    Let me start this off by apologizing to anyone who may be annoyed by my bumping of a year old thread. There are recent posts so I figured it would be alright.

    Now that that's out of the way, I'd also like to thank one1 for this guide, no matter how many moons ago it was written. I do have one simple question that I don't believe anyone has asked, nor do I see the answer to in the pictures; what exactly are you (de)soldering in the picture? It appears as if it's the speaker, though I'd rather be safe than sorry (I don't want to damage my precious iPhone any more than it already is). Clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have a 3G that had a little water get in the dock connector end and it's having similar issues to what is described. The home button works great when the phone is on. It looks like this article is written for an older phone but could a replacement dock connector/mic be the issue, rather than a bad battery?

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    Talking Contact Info
    one1, how do I contact you if I need you to look at my 8GB 3G iPhone? You said that you would work on one in a very old thread. It was displaying the symptoms you mentioned. Everything works except the touchscreen. It will not allow me to unlock it. I replaced the lcd and also the digitizer, as well as the battery. Battery still drains fast, error message saying device not for iPhone, it does sync though. It receives phone calls(unable to answer). Let me know if this is something you would be willing to diagnose and possibly repair if possible. Thank you.

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    Question Replacement of Cable worked... 50% ?
    Hi Folks,

    short version: 2G iphone, changed display unit, broke flex cable connecting home button & mic.

    After this, the iPhone worked properly but Mic and Homebutton not (cable torn). Phone used by Headset then, ok. Homebutton workaround via Jailbreak, SBsettings ans Close App Button (great solution if home button does not work).

    So then, day later after reading the whole internet :-) , I decided to order the flex cable with already soldered mic and speaker. Waited many days, was afraid of breaking up the complete phone...

    Today i did it. Changed the flex cable, 2h for the complete operation, and this is the result:

    1) New Speaker is working
    2) Data/Power connector is working (charging and iTunes Sync)

    3) Mic NOT working
    4) Home button NOT working ("click" sound&feel seems to be ok)

    As I can remeber, the cables did not broke..... Before opening the phone again, I just wonder, what may it be????? Anyone an idea?
    I replaced one piece of cable, wtf why half of the connected functions work, the others not???

    Thanks for any ideas/points...


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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Just wanted to thank you for this quick tut, I'm no engineer or anything, I just been fixing iphones since 2008 so that's a two year experience, and gotta say that your tut wasn't hard to use, you gave the basics, and that's more than enough. Thanks

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    Thumbs up Successfully replaced flex cable BUT.....
    Hi all,
    Thank you one1 for the guide.
    My IPhone 2G was mistakenly dropped “connector side” in a cup of Rum Coke.
    I took it out immediately dried it with a piece of cloth and about 10 min later sprayed electronic cleaner around the area that was submerged.

    1) The next day the lower part of the IPhone stopped working thus the “lower 1/3 part of the screen” and the “home button” however the “mike and speaker” had no damage.

    2) The IPhone charged intermediately meaning one time it will show the charging symbol and sometimes it will not show the symbol but is actually charging. Computer and ITunes will not recognize the IPhone.
    (BTW tried all the tricks on the net to make ITunes recognize the phone so I can at least save the phone book)

    3) Then it completely stopped showing it is charging and last it stopped charging completely.

    While searching for a solution I came across one1 guide. Despite one1 warnings (I’m a hobbyist and will try to fix anything everything and do have some soldering experience) I did manage to replace the flex cable and solder the old speaker and mike and also replaced the old battery and screen.

    Everything works fine EXCEPT that the IPhone will charge but does not show the charging symbol and my computer still doesn’t recognize the IPhone.
    Any suggestion what else I could try?
    Hopefully it’s not a logic board issue.
    Thanks again one1 without your guide couldn’t get so far.
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    Before going for the suggestion of post #44 to buy a midboard or a new logic board can somebody give some advice on what is best? Thanks

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    The flex cable controls most of that so what I have decided is that when people order flex cabled you can either

    (A) do what I said and order the most expensive one you can find with the MIC AND SPEAKER ALREADY SOLDERED ON.

    (B) order multiple flex cables cause if one don't work right you can shove the other in and rule out the motherboard with a second good working flex cable.

    You cannot rule out a flex cable if you only have ONE to test with.

    I do not suscribe to this thread, it's a miracle I even searched for it tonight. Send me a PM if you have an issue and I'll try to respond.

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    Hi one1, I found your guide after Iíve already ordered the parts.
    Here is the link where I bought the parts:


    They only have the ones without speaker and mike. After reading this thread I realized that other companies sell the connectors with and without speaker/mike.

    Iíve noticed also that the prices donít vary too much and that most of the companies make their order from the same supplier in China.

    After reading your reply Iím going to order one connector with speaker and mike already soldered on from a different company and mid-board from eBay. All the mid-board Iíve seen up to now are used and some seller claim they sold a lot of them and that all are in working condition.

    So far Iíve invested about $100 screen + $7 connector + $7 Battery +$5 Black Antenna cover=$119 plus about $40 dollars more for the mid-board and new connector. All this to safe my address book, well at least now I have the option to copy all by hand.


    hxxp:// item563ab7e94d

    Connector with speaker mike soldered:

    OEM APPLE iPHONE 2G CONNECTOR FLEX CABLE+BUZZER SPEAKER - eBay (item 120578152767 end time Aug-31-10 04:50:48 PDT)

    One thing I did not mention and maybe should test before ordering is the following:
    When entering DFU mode I get the ITunes symbol and connector on the screen and the screen will not go blank it stay on until the upper right button is pressed again and it will boot up normally.
    I donít have ITunes installed on my new computer but regardless of this my computer should recognize that there something new connected to the computer.
    I will try to connect the IPhone to a computer with ITunes to see if it will make a difference.

    Thanks for the advice one1

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