Afternoon all, I have a couple questions for I guess the programmers.

1st, can a app ban an Apple ID from using its application? Iím assuming that once an application is installed. The company who runs the app can see which apple id was using the application.

2nd If I change my app store login and download an application, then change it back to my original login, would the company know that I am now using it on my original apple ID?

3rd is there a way to have multiple apple IDís on a device? Or maybe a folder that you log into that has the other apple id?

Basically this is my issue. I was positing online to get referrals for the app Uber. Well apparently, even though there is nothing against it in their terms, I did not something wrong at some point.

So now I can create new accounts, but they automatically end up getting banned. My thought is that they banned any account that has signed up with my apple ID. I am figuring this because I used a bogus email, bogus phone number and a gift card not registered to me (ie no trace to me personally) and the account was still banned. The only thing I can think of is that they have banned my apple ID as I signed up on my ipad. So now Iím waiting for them to get back to me about what I did that was wrong, in the mean time I wanted to get input on how they have banned me.