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Thread: Am I outta luck??

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    Default Am I outta luck??
    Hey guys, so I have a 4S that I recently updated and restored because I was having a slow downloading issue getting movies from the bigu. I thought that because I had my shsh blobs saved on tiny umbrella that I could downgrade back to 6.1.2. Only later to find out it only worked on A4 and older devices. So does anyone think there will be a jailbreak available for 6.1.3 anytime in the near future? Or mabey a way to downgrade that's not to difficult? Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to MMi!

    Unfortunately, there are many speculations that the jailbreak will not be available until iOS 7.

    However, these are mere speculations.

    We can only be hopeful and optimistic that the jailbreak developers will work on a jailbreak for those unfortunate to be stuck on iOS 6.1.3

    But as of right now, there is no news of any jailbreak developing for iOS 6.1.3 and beyond.

    Why not try to sell that one, and see if you can get another 4s on iOS 6.1.2 or below?

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    If you buy a brand new 4s they come boxed on 6.0.1...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Col70 View Post
    If you buy a brand new 4s they come boxed on 6.0.1...
    That, indubitably, is an incorrect claim!

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    wow - had to look up indubitably! Well when I purchased mine from the Apple store in the brand spanking store in Leeds - they told me that all their 5's and 4s are currently on 6.0.1 - just sayin

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    Your claim suggests that all stores have brand new iphone 4S with 6.0.1 loaded, which "may" lead the OP or others reading this to go out and buy one, but may end up with one not on iOS 6.0.1.

    Not all stores have new iphone 4S with the older iOS 6.0.1, your store may have had old inventory of preloaded iOS 6.0.1 that was never purchased by consumers.

    You should have rephrased what you said to tell others know that there "might" be a chance of buying a new iphone 4s from Apple that comes preloaded with iOS 6.0.1, and that they should "check" with the employees to verify.

    Anyways, we're just trying to make sure people are not mislead by information is all

    We appreciate your assistance though

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    Thank you guys for your quick replies, so there is currently no way to downgrade even if I have my SH SH blobs saved?

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    Unfortunately no, not for A5(X) devices like the iphone 4s and iphone 5.

    Besides, a jailbreak is not all that fun anyways

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    Damn! I'm used to being jailbroke though, been jailbroke almost 2 years now since IOS 5.0.1. Oh we'll got no choice but to get over it

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