I have a iphone 4 jailbroken with redsnOw running 5.1.1, well kinda. It stopped connecting to my computer a few weeks ago, i figured it was my cord and didnt think twice about it. then one day it stopped charging, and try as i might it wouldnt do anything! so i figure ill erase all content and settings, since it wont connect, see how that treats me. When it went to erase, it beeped and started charging...interesting. After 2 weeks of this i decided to take it to apple, i cant get in recovery and itunes recognize it, nor will it go intoDFU...i have tried for hours. well i deleted Cydia and cleaned it up best i could, terminal was all that was left. Take it to the genius bar, and say hey, my phone wont connect to itunes, can you restore it for me...next thing i know theyre downloading 6.1.2 OTA cause they couldnt, or didnt feel like getting it to connect... now my phone is stuck just flashing the apple at boot, still no recovery, or dfu.....but i believe it is charging now....ideas, suggestions???? any other ways to access dfu....or is time to shell out money i dont have???