I have an iphone 5 and i went into the var/mobile/library/preferences folder and i am seeing a ton of files that should not be there anymore.

lockinfo files which i havent had on my iphone since we got the first untether jailbreak for the ios 5? i believe thats the one that had notification centre.

I have ran icleaner and installed ryan petrichs respring cleaner and these files are all still there. when you pick uninstall or wipe, shouldn't these get erased?

theres a long list of files for tweaks that i do not use and have not in quite a while.

i have been trying to get rinngo to work but when i hold down on a song the song info just pops up.

Rinngo - YouTube

anthony bouchard from modmyi was kind enough to help me but i still cant get it working. yes i have installed unlimtones now but since i already paid for rinngo id like to see it work. yes i have also contacted the developer but if u click on the youtube video above you will see they are not even paying attention. the comments in the modmyi blog post show me they dont have the greatest of reputations.

anyway in trying to fix that i stumbled upon this and now i want to know is there anything that PROPERLY cleans out files for apps that i do not use? is this a cydia problem for not deleting files when you uninstall something? or an iphone/apple problem?

any help would be greatly appreciated