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Thread: Restore iPhone 4S 5.0.1 APTicket Error [HELP PLZ

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    Default Restore iPhone 4S 5.0.1 APTicket Error [HELP PLZ
    ok... so recently went to restore my iphone 4S 5.0.1 to stock firmware, and do a clean jailbreak...

    little backround here...

    i purchased the phone in the summer and it came loaded with iOS 5.0.1 now i guess this is my own damn fault.. but at the time i didn't know any better, and didnt think it would matter anywaay.... i pretty much jailbroke the phone right out the box.... instead of doing a clean restore and jailbreak.... as there was basically nothing on the phone anyway...i just jailbroke it with absinthe... so when i went to restore it to stock ios with the ipsw and saved shsh through redsnow 0.9.15b3 i get the error

    "It seems the APTicket flashed on this device was installed via OTA update or at the factory. It's APTicket contains the wrong data for this to work"

    FML what a ****** deal... is there nothing at all i can do to still have an os that is jailbreakable? i have all saved shsh for 5.0.1 up to the current ios6... do i have any options at all other than update to ios6 ?

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    due to the fact that it was OTA install of via itunes or normal restore, you are out of luck

    there is nothing that you can do, no techniques, no manual ssh, that will allow redsn0w to restore your phone even though you have shsh blobs for 5.0.1

    the aptickets that are saved when you do a normal restore and the ones for OTA are different

    unfortunately you're going to have to wait until some news about iOS 6 jailbreak

    And to add, even if you have shsh blobs for 5.1.1, you cant restore to that neither because the "current" iOS firmware you are on needs to have been restored normally via itunes to allow redsn0w to save the aptickets, which in thus, allows you to go from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1

    but since the current firmware was done OTA, its a lose lose situation

    sorry about that bud
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    Just to clarify it wasn't done OTA (over the air) When I initially jailbroke it eight months ago I didn't restore it. I simply jail broke the factory iOS that came preloaded on my iPhone. By the looks of things the jailbreak for iOS 6 is going to be a ways off.. Especially for all A5 devices... sounds like apples really tightened up the security with this new iOS...

    The only good thing is my iPhone 4S is still working fine, and I don't necessarily need to restore it. It just sucks that I don't have the option. Have you heard anything on the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak for A5 devices¿?

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    when redsn0w says ""It seems the APTicket flashed on this device.." that means someone updated the phone to iOS 5.0.1 via OTA before you purchased it

    you dont need to restore it to jailbreak, you can update OTA and still jailbreak it, it doesnt matter

    when OTA does matter is if you plan to restore the iphone 4s after a new iOS has been released by apple

    does that make sense?

    PS its not the iOS that's giving developers a difficult time to jailbreak it (untethered), its the hardware inside

    with each new iphone that is released, the hardware is much more robust, making it less possible to find "exploits"...
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