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Thread: Cannot upgrade to 5.1.1

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    Downloading this file now:
    iPhone 4 GSM 5.1.1(9B208) - Downloads - Apple, iPhone and iPad Forums |

    EDIT 2:

    Okey i followed your steps-to-steps and when I pointed to the file i downloade (i was in DFU mode) i still got the error that it couldn't be restored :S

    what now? :S

    EDIT 3:

    Error i get is 3194.

    An unknown error occured while restoring your iPhone device. (3194)

    EDIT 4:

    Okey i googled the error and found that Tinyumbrella may cause this error to occur on itunes. It said by disabling your "sets hosts to cydia on exit" it would fix the issue. I downloaded tinyumbrella and started the program on my pc and it said that it was checked, when i went to the advanced 'tab' and looked the box was uncheckable. So i unchecked everything else and then restarted tinyumbrella and see if i get the message i couldnt restore my iphone, but it was gone. so im gonna try now again if it works.. else ill uninstall cydia first then try again.

    EDIT 5:

    Ok i tried it again but this time it was different, i tried to enter DFU mode again but this time instaed of having a black screen i got a screen on my iphone saying itunes and a usb cable, and it said on itunes this phone is in recovery mode blabla. anyway i tried to restore my phone with this DFU mode with having itunes on my phone screen and still got the same error. what should i do now?

    EDIT 6:

    OKey this is some weird ****, i tried plugging in my iphone to my old macbook i got instead, which is obviously APPLE , and tried to do recovery there, and it didnt gave me any error and i now have a status bar on my phone screen at 60% complete... wow so much for having a apple product with a apple device!
    Only drawback is, i couldnt get it out of DFU mode so when i plugged it into my macbook i never did a backup on THAT computer, but i have the backup on my pc. will i still be able to restore my contatcs , messages etc? (even if i did the backup on my PC and not my macbook which im restoring it on)
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    all well done until Edit 5. You didn't put your phone to DFU mode. When you see on the screen my iphone saying itunes and a usb cable, that's not DFU mode, it's recovery mode. So it could not work any way.
    If everythung was done properly on a MAC, and your phone is now on the newest IOS an JB, I see no reason why you would not be able to connect it now to the PC and do restore from backup.
    Maybe more experienced members would like to say a word or two.

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    So is it possible to to do a restore on pc from my backup i created on my PC when i have factory restored and set it to 5.1.1 on my macbook?
    iPhone 4 | Version iOS 4.1 Jailbreaked
    Macbook Air 13" 2011 Model
    Champagne & Limousines

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