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Thread: Recommended Jailbreak Packages for iOS 5

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    Default Recommended Jailbreak Packages for iOS 5
    If you have jailbroken your iDevice, you might be wondering what to do. You went through this whole process of installing this app called Cydia on your iDevice. You figured out that there were jailbreak packages by doing some research, but there are so many of them and you don't want to spend so much time going through the list. You'll also notice that because iOS 5.0.1 is a new OS release, there are only a few packages from the list that actually work.

    This topic will give you a head start on some really useful, productive, and customizing tweaks for iOS 5.0.1.

    For more information on adding sources on iOS 5.0.1, here is a link to my topic:

    To learn more about Icy, the alternative jailbreak installer to Cydia, please go to my topic here:

    Okay, so here is the list of jailbreak packages for iOS 5.0.1 I recommend in alphabetical order:

    3G Unrestrictor 5- Allows you to go around the iPhone's limitations and restrictions of not being able to use some applications like FaceTime, iCloud Backup, Photo Stream, or high quality YouTube videos while on a mobile internet connection like 3G or EDGE as well as many other things.

    Activator- Gestures, button, and shortcut management

    AlertScript- Easy access to run Terminal commands

    AppsCenter for Notification Center- Show your Apps in the Notification Center

    *mod edit*

    AskToCall- Confirm before calling on Recents and Favorites page in Phone app and ask before calling in Contacts (Note: Does NOT work with NCInstaCall or Favorite Contacts for Notification Center)

    AskToSend- Confirm before sending SMS or email (Note: DOES work with biteSMS)

    Attachment+ for mailto:- Send attachments using filenames in URLs

    BadgeClear- Clear icon badges from homescreen

    Barrel 2- 3D effect for your homescreen icon pages

    BigBoss Recommended Tools- Combined list of hacker tools. Includes adv-cmds, apt, basic-cmds, bootstrap-cmds, bzip2, class-dump, coreutils, developer-cmds, diskdev-cmds, file-cmds, gawk, gdb, git, gzip, iokittools, less, make, nano, network-cmds, ldid, openssh, rsync, shell-cmds, system-cmds, com.ericasadun.utilities, top, uikittools, findutils, inetutils, diffutils, lsof, subversion, vim, xar, tar, patch, unrar, unzip, wget, whois, xml2, zip, 7zip

    biteSMS- Messages app with more features

    Clean Up Crap (cuc)- Terminal package. Removes crash logs, history logs, syslog, cached maps data, cached snap shots, cached ad data, application cookies, application local storage, safari data

    Clear 4.0 folders (still works on 5.0.1)- Gives folders a clear fill

    Cloudy Notification Center- Notification Center theme

    ColorBanner- Customize iOS 5's Notification Banners

    CyDelete- Delete Cydia packages from SpringBoard like App Store Apps

    Dim To Black Screen- Dims the iDevice's screen to a black screen instead of going to Lock Screen (note: conflicts with custom locking animation from Springtomize)

    EZDecline- Decline/Answer buttons, even when your iDevice is locked

    Favorite Contacts for Notification Center- Shows contacts for fast dialing & messages

    Flowtation- Puts Notification Center above the screen, so the screen can be moved to reveal Notification Center

    FolderCloser- Auto-close folders after app launch

    Full NC Notification Center- Eliminate rounded corners on the Notification Center

    Grass Multitasking-Folder Background- Folder and Multitasking Background with Grass theme

    Gridlock- Arrange your icons however you would like. Includes Bug Fix: Stuck Pages, Bug Fix: Duplicate Icons, IconSupport

    iBooks Fix for iOS 5- Fixes iBooks DRM check in iOS5

    Icon Renamer- Rename icons from your SpringBoard

    Icy BETA- Icy package installer

    iFile- A file manager and viewer

    iOS5 Inspiration- iOS5 styled SBSettings theme

    iOS5 XtraPrefs- Adds extra preferences to including carrier APN editing, customizing carrier name from general Settings, etc

    iRetiner- Terminal script that adds retina display icons for non-optimized App Store Apps

    iSwipe- Type words by swiping across the keyboard

    KillBackground- Kill all background apps from switcher

    LockInfo- Unlock you information on Lock Screen. Includes dba-tech Common

    ManualBackup- Terminal script to backup your personal data

    Masks- Shape your own SpringBoard icons

    MobileSubstrate- Powerful code insertion platform. Includes Substrate Safe Mode

    MobileTerminal (NEW)- Terminal for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad

    MultiCleaner- Better iOS multitasking with added features such as quitting apps with an Activator shortcut, and more multitasking customization

    NCInstaCall- Make calls from the Notification Center

    NCQuickDismiss- Dismiss Notification Center and Banners easily

    NoFolderPreview- Eliminate folder preview images interfering with your Wallpaper

    NotificationCenter Enhancer- Adds useful features to Notification Center

    OmniStat for Notification Center- Shows useful device stats & information

    Overachiever- Automatically earn all missing achievements for Game Center games

    Recent/CallLog Delete- Delete individual calls from Recent Calls list

    RingerX VIP- Advanced Ring & Vibrate Configurations

    SBSettings- Important toggles directly into SpringBoard and are available instantly even while other apps are running. Includes Airplane SBSettings Toggle, Default HD SBSettings, sbsettingstoggles, and Serious SBSettings HD.

    SBUtils- Replaces many broken Erica Utilities and adds new ones

    ScrollingBoard- Scrolling, unlimited icons in dock and folders, addons for dock like iPodControls and Volume/Brightness slider, scrollview effects, and more. Includes ScrollingBoard AirPlay Dock Plugin and ScrollingBoard iPod-Music Dock Plugin

    Source GUI- Adds Icons to repo

    Springtomize 2 iOS 5+- SpringBoard, the way you want it

    SuperSwitcher- Bookmark favorite apps in multitasking bar

    Tap To Unlock Retina HD- Replaces Slide to Unlock slider with Tap To Unlock for Retina Display

    TapDeWiggle- Exit icon edit mode by tapping anywhere

    TidyUp- Terminal script shortcut to refresh APT

    Voicemail Forwarder- Forward voicemails to email

    vWallpaper 2 for iOS 5/ARMV7- Videos, cool effects, HTML widgets, on your SpringBoard. Includes ImageMagick

    WeeKillBackground Pro for Notification Center- Kill all running apps from the Notification Center

    WeeSearch for Notification Center- Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and/or Dictionary search from the Notification Center

    WinterBoard- Theme your iDevice. Application for jailbreak themes

    WinterBoard Fix iOS5- Somewhat fixes WinterBoard on iOS 5

    Zephyr- Awesome, useful swipe multitasking. Includes AppList

    I will try and keep this topic updated as much as possible. Please feel free to add any other jailbreak packages that work properly on iOS 5.0.1 firmware!
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    Thanks, nice write up.

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    Thanks blkcadi! I'll keep this as up to date as possible.

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    I agree I had to edit one of them out. Rules on mmi is we don't accept cracked apps or warez on the site. But yes very good write up

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    Oh, I apologize! I must have missed that. Thanks 2k1!
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    No biggie

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