Everyone in the jailbreak community knows the name Cydia. It's an alternative app store created by Jay Freeman (also known as saurik) for jailbroken device where you can access tweaks, mods, and apps that Apple doesn't approve of for your iDevice. These jailbreak packages can result in a more customized, efficient iDevice.

There is also an alternative jailbreak app store to Cydia. It's called Icy. Icy was originally created and maintained by RipDev (Russian iPhone Developers.) After RipDev closed the Icy project in 2009, two development teams took over the project: WeAmDev and Infini-Dev. The rumor is that Icy's name was derived from the "I" in Installer (a previous jailbreak app store,) and the "Cy" from Cydia.

Icy is a lightweight dpkg Installer that can install jailbreak tweaks, apps, and mods just like Cydia can. The difference is that Icy can be faster and it takes up less space than Cydia. This version, which is Icy 1.4.7b5-2, includes multitasking support. This version of Icy is maintained by Infini-Dev.

If you are interested in trying out Icy, this is how you download it:

-Open Cydia
-Go to "Sources"
-Add the iSpazio source: http://repo.ispazio.net/
-Go to "Search"
-Type "Icy"
-Tap the package "Icy BETA"
-Press "Install" on the upper right-hand corner
-Press "Confirm" on the upper right hand corner
-You should now have Icy on your SpringBoard!

When you first open Icy, you will see the "Home" tab with a "Welcome to Icy" page, which gives you more information about Icy and Infini-Dev.

To add sources to Icy:
-Go to the "Sources" tab
-Press "Edit" on the upper right-hand corner
-Press "+" on the upper left-hand corner
-Press "Add"
-Type in your source. Make sure there are no typos and that you put a "/" at the end of the source
-Press "Add"
-When the source is recognized, the source shows up under Sources. If it is not a valid source, Icy will show you a message about it
-If you want to refresh your sources, simply press the circular arrow on the upper left-hand corner of the "Sources" tab
-Edit your sources by pressing the "Edit" button on the upper right-hand corner of the "Sources" tab

Information about packages in Icy:
-Packages are located in the "Categories" tab
-Search for a specific package by pressing the magnifying glass icon on the upper right-hand corner of the "Categories" tab
-Edit folders by pressing the folder icon on the upper left-hand corner of the "Categories" tab
-For new packages and themes (which would be in the "Changes" tab in Cydia,) go to "Recent Packages" in the "Categories" tab (note: Recent Packages sometimes takes a few seconds to load, so don't worry if you press Recent Packages and it's empty for a few seconds. If you refreshed your valid sources and there are new packages and themes available, they will be shown under Recent Packages after a few seconds)
-Installed packages are under the "Installed" tab. When you open the "Installed" tab, you will see "Installed" and "Updates" on the top of the screen. "Installed" has all of your installed packes, and "Updates" has all of the packages that need to be updated (note: Icy is different from Cydia in this specific concept. Cydia combines all new packages and themes and packages needing updates in the "Changes" tab. Icy separates the new packages into "Recent Packages" and packages needing updates into "Updates.")
-Edit your packages by pressing the trash can icon on the upper right-hand corner of the "Installed" tab

The "About" tab gives you an option to turn on "Auto refresh on Wi-Fi." This makes it so every time you connect to a working Wi-Fi network, Icy will automatically start refreshing your sources. This can be very useful if you find it bothersome to press the circular arrow in the "Sources" tab every time you want to refresh your sources. It also gives you a link to the Infini-Dev website along with the copyright and other credits.

That is all you need to know about Icy!