Yesterday I bought two iPhone 4's. Odd enough they both had 1.59.00 baseband. One I bought it the morning and quickly used sn0wbreeze to preserve it and get it on 5.0.1 before the window closes (since 5.1) is out. The other one I bought yesterday night, tried to do the same thing but I get the 3194 error and with tinyumbrella the 2005 error. Figured the window closed so I kept it on 4.0, used Jailbreakme 3.0 to jailbreak. Cydia was updating then went blank. So I closed and re-opened it but still blank. So I did a hard reset of the phone but now it has been stuck on the apple logo. Tried booting tethered and many other things but it ends up at the logo.

Is my only option to wait for sn0wbreeze to come out for 5.1 then upgrade to that?