Well I'm a minimalist and absolutely despise having any sort of junk installed on my PC. Even though my gaming days are over (When every single drop of my memory and CPU had to be free), I cannot stand bloatware, extra services running, and most importantly Bonjour. Not only that, but iTunes 10.5+ would crash on start-up, drivers weren't registering, etc.

I also don't really use my phone for music. It would be easily end up broken at work again for the X-teenth time. But when I do, I use alternative software, or native Linux software to Sync.

As a result, I've been looking for a way to Jailbreak WITHOUT having iTunes installed on my PC. I've come *pretty* close as far as not having any part of iTunes installed. Unfortunately, the PC may detect your iPhone, but without Apple's driver's it won't be recognized on your PC in DFU, Recovery, and Boot.

I'm not going to discuss the ENTIRE Jailbreak process, as that can be found in other threads on the forum and would be quite redundant due to the plethora of threads posted elsewhere on the site. Instead, this is just going to be a simple guide to have Windows detect your iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. so that you can proceed with the Jailbreak and Tethered Boot (If need be).

This was performed with the following:

-Windows XP SP3
-iTunes 10.5.1
-iPhone 4 w/ iOS 5.0.1

Software Necessary:


Simple enough, right?

Upon installing the software, browse to the directory you downloaded iTunes to. (Showing file extensions for known types may be beneficial here. Tools -> Folder Options)

Now, right click on the *.exe and click rename. Replace the ".exe" extension with ".msi". A prompt will appear to confirm that you want to change the extension of the file, click yes.

From here, you're going to open WinRAR and navigate to the directory of the iTunesSetup.msi file. Upon finding the .msi file, double-click on it and you'll be faced with this:

Every package installed by iTunes Setup.

From here, it's just a simple process of locating AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi, right-clicking on it, and clicking on "Extract to the specified folder". Which in our case, will be the desktop.

From here, you're just going to run the AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi.

Note: It will appear to hang for a few seconds, and you WILL receive an error message (see below). It is safe to ignore this. It is merely the Apple Mobile Device Service failing to start, and will not hinder your Jailbreaking or Booting endeavors. (Like I stated earlier, I'm anal about services not running, and this just makes me happy that I do not need a useless service running!)

The installer will than complete and show you a nice little splash image.

From here, your device will be recognized, charge when plugged in, and most importantly have the ability to Jailbreak with iTunes.

Happy Jailbreaking!