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Thread: iPhone 4 won't boot, apple logo flashes on and off!

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    Default iPhone 4 won't boot, apple logo flashes on and off!
    Hi, my friend gave me his iPhone 4 to jailbreak for him. When I plugged it in to my pc the apple logo came on for about 4 seconds and went off for 3 and back on again for 4 etc, so i unplugged it and tried to switch it on but it wont work so I tried putting it in to dfu mode and restore and update in iTunes, I tried jailbreaking it with (4.3.3) the new redsn0w and it came up on the iPhone screen and said downloading jailbreak files and the a bunch of White writing came up and the phone rebooted and did the apple logo thing again. Please help.

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    It sounds like a successful jailbreak did u look foe cydia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tabor View Post
    It sounds like a successful jailbreak did u look foe cydia?
    how can I check for Cydia if the iPhone won't start?

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    it also seems like you are in a bootloop. try to restore it and jailbreak again

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    I have tried 4 times to restore it via iTunes and nothing, I have tried to jailbreak it as well but nothing. How do I get out of this bootloop?

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    what happens in itunes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Str4y View Post
    what happens in itunes?
    I get error 3194

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    And I tried the editing the host file too.

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    are you still trying to restore to 4.3.3 and do you have tinyumbrella installed?

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    Yeah I'm trying to put 4.3.3 on. I have tinyumbrella.

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    So am I getting any more help?

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    I have the same problem, when I plug my 3GS into my pc the apple logo comes on for a few seconds and then goes off again and this just repeats..... On offs, on off no matter how long I leave it pluggen in. When I unplug it it won't turn on. Can anyone help. Thanks

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    this happened to my friends phone also. I end up getting the phone into recovery mode but then when i use itunes to restore it. it gives me error 1611 and i have tried everything from deleting all itunes on my cpu and installing itunes again to see if it would recover the phone but nothing if anyone can help me out that would be great.

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