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Thread: Experienced in 2.X.X./Please Help

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    Default Experienced in 2.X.X./Please Help
    I am currently on 1.1.4. and have nearly 120+ impressive useful apps working

    Before I upgrade I want to make sure some of my necessary and loved apps are available and WORKING on 2.X.X.

    Obviously someone with experience will need to diagnose and decide whether these things will be available OR can be done on new firmware

    Q 1: Can I reuse my SMB (summerboard themes) from 1.1.4. to 2.X.X. summerboard?

    Q 2: Can I use my old Customize file sets on the 2.X.X. Customize (dont see why not)?

    Q 3: Is there a good video recorder such as iphone video recorder that was available for 1.1.4. that works well? I heard cycorder is this as good?

    Q 4: Are these apps available for 2.X.X. or something similar available?

    Mobile Finder?
    GBA Emulater?
    Street Flow?
    Voice recorder?
    Safari DL plug in?
    Video ringtones?

    5. Lastly I really like having Customize, SMB, Vwallpaper, and a video ringtone application all working in unison at once has anyone confirmed or can confirm all of these things work together without freezing and problems? It currently works nearly flawless on my 1.1.4.

    Thank you so much for anyone who took there time to answer these things. I will most definitly rep you!


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    1: No. Winterboard is the new standard.
    2: No. Customize is basically dead.
    3: Yes. Cycorder is really cool.
    ToDoList? I think.
    Mobile Finder? Yes.
    GBA Emulater? Yes.
    VNsea? Wut?
    Street Flow? Unsure.
    Voice recorder? Should be.
    Drummer? On the App Store. Paid.
    Iphysics? I heard it may come to/is on the App Store, I believe.
    SMSD? MySMS/others, but I think SMSD is still there.
    Torrentula? Not sure.
    Safari DL plug in? Iono.
    Vwallpaper? Yes.
    Video ringtones? Yes.
    Summerboard? No. Winterboard.

    Sorry about all of the "unsure" answers. Haven't been toying with my 2.x.x really recently...

    I'm sure someone else can provide some more definitive answers to the other ones, though.
    Respect your elders.

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    All summerboard themes have been ported to winterboard in addition to hundreds more that have been created. As for the apps you didn't get answers for above you might try the search bar above... or Google them.

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    Wow alot of apps have not been ported to 2.X.X. which isnt suprising. Im more so into the cydia installer stuff than app store. Thanks anyways, so how can I port a smb theme to 2.X.X. Unfortunately there are none of the themes I love for 2.X.X.



    Etc. I usually make my own

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