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Thread: Modify iPhone locale settings (Region Format)

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    Default Modify iPhone locale settings (Region Format)

    Is there a way I can manually edit the international settings or localisations?
    I can't find them anywhere in the filesystem of my jailbroken iphone.

    Basically I would leave it on UK, but I'm in Spain and I rather have miles, and Euro. I don't like it as "Spain" because I get the time messed up (no leading 0) and also get the dates and days in spanish.

    Ireland worked for a while but now the First day in Calendar is set as Sunday. And also the format of phone numbers are messed up (the way they're displayed)

    I'd love to be able to put all things I like of each locale and put it in a single one.

    Can I do that?

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    I know this is an old thread, but I can't find an answer to this question. I am Swedish, and want to have my phone set to the Swedish region format, but the time settings are "" instead of "hh:mm", and this is really annoying.

    Any way to tweak these settings?

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    i'm also curious
    there must be some kind of string or settings file
    can anyone point me in the right directory
    or hint on what the naming could be

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    I know this is an old thread.

    I sorta solved the problem, but not fully.

    What I did was, examine how OS X does it, and copied that data into iPhone.

    In .GlobalPreferences.plist file (in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences)
    I added two dictionary entries.

    AppleICUDateFormatStrings with four entries

    d MMM y
    d MMMM y
    EEEE, d MMMM y



    also dictionary type

    H:mm:ss z
    H:mm:ss zzzz

    You will need a property list editor obviously to edit these.

    You can look at your own in OS X but you'll need to convert it to text/xml (forgot tool name but you can google it)

    The strings seem to work for a lot of native stuff, but it doesnt work on the lock screen for some reason.
    It doesnt work in all apps.

    I had to force 24h mode from the settings since it didnt take it into full affect from the settings.
    I reckon some apps use different functions to get date.
    I don't know why the lock screen doesnt use european date format for me, the status bar on top if i use the date viewer from Cydia, it uses american format (yuck)

    So I am half way there, I wish there was an area where regions themselves can be redefined, or apple finally allow us to fully customise foramts like how we can on the computer, not this simplistic crap that even my own Startac allowed me to change formats!

    I hope this helps, but I don't take any responsibility if this screws things up, because I screwed things up majorly playing with plist files!

    I have iOS 5.1, jailbroken, official GSM unlock.
    If this info helps anyone with getting it to work more 100% I'll be thrilled!

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    Default trying to change iPhone date as:
    After many crashes and fiddling with global.plist, I gave up, can not change iP4 US date format mm/dd/yyyy to EU date format
    Any suggestions?

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