Please take care of these points:

Before upgrading to V1.1.1
1. Dont install BSD subsystems and Mobile terminal from installer application.

2. Dont upgrade your installer to V3.XX before upgrading your software to V1.1.1. This will corrupt the installer application and you wont be able to use installer in V1.1.1 once you upgrade it.

3. Always restore your iPhone to V1.0.2 before starting the upgrade process.

4. Make sure you have properly re-virginized your phone.

After upgrading to V1.1.1

5. Use CARNAVAL to jailbreak, I prefer that method.

6. Dont forget to install BSD subsystems via installer before installing OpenSSH

7. Once you have upgraded to V1.1.1, you need WinSCP to install to applications folder in your phone. Make sure you have installed OpenSSH via installer. Without installing OpenSSH, you wont be able to use WinSCP.

8. After that, make sure you have given 0755 permissions to run AnySIM application. You can do this by right clickin on the folder which you will copy in the applications folder in your phone and enter "0755" (without " ") in the box besides Octal.

Hope all this helps your. I assume you are using ReVans guide for upgrading to V1.1.1. That method is realiable