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Thread: DUMB QUESTION!!but do I need to Virginize?

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Sorry people but i have to ask this after many weeks of reading post after posts..I think i'm ready to upgrade, just not sure if i need to virginized my
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    Unhappy DUMB QUESTION!!but do I need to Virginize?
    Sorry people but i have to ask this after many weeks of reading post after posts..I think i'm ready to upgrade, just not sure if i need to virginized my phone...I havent unlock my phone to use with anysim, but i have modded it like using appinstaller...etc

    ive read on another post that if my iphone IME # matches the one on the back that i dont have to virginize is this true?Mine do match..

    Any advice..
    I'm thinking of using these method to virginize..http://iphone.ranova.org/virginize.shtml
    i'm using windows and most of the other methods are for apple..
    Thanks for any advice on what i should do...

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    If your using an ATT sim you could upgrade using itunes.If you unlocked it, you would have to virginize the phone first.

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    If it's not unlocked you can just use SHIFT+click RESTORE to restore to 1.1.1 (Restore erases old programs, that's why I'd use restore and not upgrade)

    How I did it (unlocked 1.0.2 to 1.1.1)

    Toolbox: http://qurl.net/redir/?http://rapids...enten.rar.html

    1: Install BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH via installer.

    2: See what your wifi ip is and remember it.

    3: Ok, install WinSCP on your computer.

    4: Open WinSCP, host-name= IP, Username= root, Password= dottie, protocol= SCP, druk nu op Login.
    Will take a while don't abort

    5: Connection, yay!

    6: Use the left screen (local computer) to find Virginizer_Pack, navigate on the phone to usr/bin and drag the virginizer_pack to the /usr/bin folder in het right menu.
    Will be a pop-up, click "More"click on permissions and set to 0755. now press "Copy"

    7: close WinSCP, and open Putty

    8: Hostname = ip-adres, click Open

    9: type: root <enter>
    type now: dottie <enter>

    11: Surf to http://code.google.com/p/iphone-elit...irginizingTool
    Follow the guide from "Change to the working directory" untill the END!

    12: All done ok = virginized iPhone.

    13: Download firmware File 1.1.1 Go to iTunes and take out your sim. Press <shift> when clicking RESTORE. When prompted navigate to your feshly downloaded 1.1.1

    14: All done ok = virgin UNactivated iphone.

    15: OpenCARNAVAL and open file "(click here)" Follow steps in program, it's really clear on what to do

    16: All done ok= activated 1.1.1 iphone!

    17: CARNAVAL installed Installer. Install the update, and install BSD SubSystem and OpenSSH.

    18: Open WinSCP make connection like before. new password= alpine

    19: drag "Anysim.app" to "Applications" folder on iPhone. 0755 CHMOD!! Restart iphone with sim in it

    20: Open Anysim and run.

    21: when Anysim is done, you can remove Anysim.app with winscp

    22: all done
    iPhone 8GB (updated to 1.1.1)
    Belgium // Proximus - Belgacom Mobile

    Please use the thank button if a post or reply helped you.

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