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Thread: iPhone 1.1.1 questions/help needed

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    Question iPhone 1.1.1 questions/help needed
    I need some help!

    I just bought an iphone, I suppose the firmware is 1.1.1 (I am not sure how i can verify).
    I started to follow I am having some issues with apptapp. After searching in forums i read that upgrading itunes and apptapp and rebooting might fix the issues (hanging on the "this will take 2-3 minutes, please be patient." screen).

    Now my question is... what should be the steps to be able to fully use the phone with any provider?
    What guides I should follow?
    I started to downgrade, this meanse I am flashing from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2. What is the difference with downgrading the baseband?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    well you just dived into the deep end when you should have started a the kiddy pool

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    Thanks that helps!!! You so helpful!

    Should i go with that?
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    I have a similar question,

    I brought a virign iPhone with Firmware 1.1.1 and unlocked by the following guide:

    Downgrade the firmware to 1.0.2 and replace with the 03.14.08_G and unlock with "AnySim 1.0.2". After these procedures, all things are fine.

    But now i would like trying to upgrade to 1.1.1. What should I do? Do I have to "reviriginze" my iPhone? or ... I'm very confusing!

    I'm a MAC user, please suggest a way for me!

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    yes you have to revirginize, you see anysim does damage to some baseband, and seczone files, if upgrage to 1.1.1 w/out revirginizing then the new anysim will not unlock your phone so revirginize and follow the home screen step for osx or simply search it and find whatever skill lever you are in restoring...

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    i just opened my phone and really only want to mod mine,,,can someone help to just change the colors and ringtones on mine???

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    The solution i found was:
    Upgrade iTunes + appTapp and then start over following the guides in the guides section (downgrading) and it all worked

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