Ok so this is how my week has went,

So for about 5 months or so my phone was broken couldn't charge, dock was broke so about a week ago I bought the new piece yay! ;D But it took over 4 days to get sent to the shipping department > so it gets shipped says its gonna take 5 days to get to my house ok cool 8) i wait it gets here, takes me a good hour to fix it do to small screws extreme consecration :-X OK it worked it charged up my battery and the new dock works :-* So i start to mess around BIG mistake, my back for the phone wont fit so i make it fit, whoops It stops charging OH NO! :'( so i hurry and take it out the case and the back off check things look "ok" so i take out the battery and plug back in the power cord it powers up (damn apple slow loading screen) but it worked with no battery.

Yes so its not my brand new dock! ;D but my battery wont charge once i put it back in :-\ :'( its only at 88% this cant be happening again uggh so now i'm left to either buy a new battery and face the same wait oh anything but that, or see if it fixes itself

So that's my week in a nutshell with my iPhone.

EDIT: oh my i pushed the charger in it with some force ( hehe thats what she said) and it charged up but i cant be in the clear...yet
But now! Things have hit rock bottom

Ok so what's happen in the last 24 hours.

I wanted to connect my phone to my PC running Vista, so I could backup everything and restore/update then jailbreak ok.
Cool what could go wrong i'v done this many times, but I spoke too soon.

I go to plug it in and get this.

It even makes the sound through PC that something was plugged in.

Note: Unknown device is my phone :/

So lets open up device manager

Following what apple said on their "support site"

I get this, ok that cant be good :C

Eeek! It's got worse now I unplug it and repeat what I did in the 1st part. But now it wont even show that it's charging through the wall charger!!!! But the battery is going very very slowly up it made its crawl from 28% to 43% as I type this note it went up 1% via the PC charging it.

This image is of it connected to my PC see how no light-ling bolt of life.