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Thread: Cant Decrypt iOS 7 beta! HELP!

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    Default Cant Decrypt iOS 7 beta! HELP!
    Im using a program called iDecrypt. It literally used VFDecrypt to decrypt the .dmg's.

    Basically I'm decrypting with VFDecrypt, and Transmac wont open the decrypted .dmg. It keep saying "No Mac HFS Volumes found on this disk".

    I really dont know what else I'm supposed to do.

    Im on a 16 gig iPhone 4, CDMA.
    This is where I got my VFDecrypt key:
    InnsbruckVailPrime 11A4372q (iPhone 4 CDMA) - The iPhone Wiki

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Ssme problem, but on mac. The DMG file iDecrypt generates isnt mountable.

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    On windows, use TransMac

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    I stated in the OP that Transmac wasnt able to open it.

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    I got it decrypted. I compiled the DMG tool included in the xpwn source code and ran it against the ipsw dmg and it worked

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    Well I dont know how to compile script. You think can send it to me?

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    If you dont know how to compile C or program, why are you messing around iOS 7's filesystem? And why pay $99 bucks for a dev account if you arent a dev?

    Here it is anyway:!RIExSYQa!MqlcPx..._O7zIRMtPQhZoQ

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    I tried the beta and it was too buggy to continue using. So I figured I'd just gather all the UI Images and put together my own full iOS 7 Winterboard theme just for GP. Not sure why it matters.

    Thanks though.

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    Ah, okay. JTLYK, many full iOS 7 themes have already been released, as well as tweaks that port things like the control center over

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    Quote Originally Posted by ethanarb View Post
    For Mac:

    ./dmg extract xxx-xxxx-xxx.dmg dec.dmg -k <key>
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    Default Can't Decrypt
    Hi, I used your code into Terminal and I got an output saying
    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'

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    Quote Originally Posted by T3rm1te View Post
    Hi, I used your code into Terminal and I got an output saying
    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
    When you entered the command, did you copy and paste it from the screen into Terminal? Your browser might have picked up the additional formatting that goes with the text.

    Did you get it to work in the end, if not, let me know, and I'll fix up something to do it for you. Just let me know which IPSW you are trying to decrypt.

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